How to improve your diet to keep your brain healthy

It’s a topic that’s been debated since the dawn of the modern human race.How do you feed the brain?What’s in a brain-healthy diet?Is eating more healthy or less healthy?How does a good diet fit into a brain health diet?We’re here to answer all of those questions, and more.The answer to that question is a lot […]

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How to learn to cook with your dogs

The following is a guest post by David Vassiliadis, the founder of the website The Dog Whisperer, and the author of Dog Whisper Training for Dummies.Dog Whisper is a podcast that has been featured on Fox News, NPR, the New York Times, and in The New Yorker.You can subscribe to Dog Whispher here or download […]

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Why do you like eating when you are hungry?

I don’t have a great answer for you. I think you have to ask yourself what’s really important to you, not what’s important to everyone else.And for many people, eating is a big deal.What matters is how much you are spending on food and what you are eating.I eat pretty well.It’s the way I’ve always been, […]

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Which are the most effective way to train people for your job?

An increasing number of employers are requiring candidates to take at least six weeks of “trainings in food” as part of their preparation for interviews.But is this necessary?And how much do they actually pay?The answer to those questions is complicated.The truth is that while some training materials are great for improving a candidate’s job skills, […]

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Takeaway: Eat better food for a healthy life

Eat more fruits and vegetables and lower your fat intake to help lower your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, according to new research.Dr. John Vollan, a nutrition professor at the University of New Mexico and author of The Food Revolution, says it’s no coincidence that the most popular American foods, including fresh […]

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A new method of teaching your children to play with their toys

An interactive toy-making kit teaches kids to play in a fun way.The kit comes with instructions for building, painting, and decorating an imaginative, colorful, and adorable stuffed animal.It also includes instructions for playing with a variety of toys and accessories.We put the kit through its paces to find out how it stacks up against other […]

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