What to expect from the UFC’s first event in London

The UFC is hosting its first event outside of the United States in London on January 22, 2019, but one of the biggest surprises is that UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is set to compete in the event.Ahead of the event, the UFC was looking to showcase the talent in its women’s division, but […]

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Which tech companies are hiring and why?

Recode is reporting that Google is hiring hundreds of new developers.The tech giant is also announcing a partnership with Microsoft to make it easier for developers to get a developer license.The news comes as Google is also introducing new coding standards and software to support new devices and services.Google says it will roll out more […]

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How to train your dogs to sit still

It’s the most important time of year to make sure your dog can keep his eyes and head still while you feed him, according to a new study from the University of Wisconsin.In a series of experiments, the researchers found that dogs that were trained to keep their eyes on the food and their head […]

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When India’s military will make a decision

India’s army has begun to decide on whether to go ahead with a programme of training for its armed forces in the country’s first-ever food-based combat training programme.In a joint statement, defence and defence-related ministries said the programme would begin next month and will be open to all service personnel of the Armed Forces.The programme […]

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