Why are we doing this to ourselves?

By now, you’ve probably heard that “food deserts” are a growing problem, with people unable to afford to buy the kind of food that they need.While the cause is hard to pinpoint, some researchers argue that we’re all contributing to the problem.While you may have heard about the high cost of groceries, it may be […]

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Which is better for your body? Training or eating?

It’s the question most people have when deciding which workout is best for them.But which is the best for you?The answer depends on your fitness goals and the type of workout you’re planning to do.The best training workout for you can be a combination of both.Here are some tips for selecting the best workout for […]

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Why do people love to be taught?

In a recent interview with BBC Radio 4’s The World Tonight, Dr Richard Cockerill, a consultant in the field of nutrition and health, said: “I would have to say that in terms of the people that we’re talking about, people love it.”In a nutshell, what this means is that they enjoy it, they want to […]

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How to take your training and apply it to your next project

The last few years have seen a massive surge in app development, with a huge number of developers adding more and more features to their apps in an attempt to get a leg up on competition.While some developers have been able to increase their apps’ productivity, a growing number of users are not.We recently spoke […]

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