Trump is pushing for a new way to train teachers

President Donald Trump on Wednesday launched a push to improve the skills of teachers by opening up training for them to work in other fields.

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Trump, speaking in Iowa to support Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, said that the nation’s schools and colleges have been slow to respond to the challenges of the Trump era.

“Our schools and our colleges have got to do more to teach kids what it takes to get ahead in life,” Trump said.

“It’s not just about the education, it’s about the life skills.”

He also pledged to “bring back the school day.”

Trump said he is looking at a new approach to training teachers, a move that could come as early as this year.

“I think we’re going to do a whole different way,” Trump told reporters at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

“I think that we’re just going to be talking about how do we do it, and how do you do it well.

I think we’ve got to start thinking about how can we be more effective.”

In an interview with ABC News, Trump said that he is “getting close” to having a plan in place for the training program.

The White House says Trump will announce the details of his plans in the coming weeks.

The plan is likely to focus on a new type of training for teachers that will be designed to prepare teachers for a variety of different careers.

Trump has been open about his desire to expand opportunities for people of color, and he has said he would consider training teachers to do that.

Trump also said he wants to give teachers a better shot at getting tenure, an award that is currently awarded to a limited number of high school teachers.

Trump’s proposal would give teachers tenure protections, which would allow them to teach for longer and to be more successful in their careers.

Trump has also expressed support for giving teachers more money to cover their costs, a plan that would cost about $2 billion a year.

Trump on Wednesday said that his plan to improve schools was about getting kids ready for a better future.

“What I want to do is give you the tools to be able to compete in the 21st century economy,” Trump, a billionaire real estate developer and reality television star, said.