What’s on your plate now? What’s in your fridge?

The Verge’s food team, led by chef Andrew Wadhwa, has been doing some food research over the last year and this week is launching a new food blog.

In it, Wadhwal is taking a look at the best foods that you can find in your supermarket and grocery store.

It’s part of a larger project to help people understand food and food culture. 

The new blog will have an eclectic mix of recipes and topics, including topics like:What’s in the fridge?

Where’s your food coming from? 

How does it taste?

How’s it made?

What’s on the menu?

Wadhwa also plans to highlight how food influences people.

He says that the blog will also have a mix of local and international food and will include recipes that are familiar to those living in different parts of the world.

The food team also plans on creating a food diary, where they will write down what they ate in different areas of the country and then upload it to the site.

They are also planning on sharing this diary with others who have a similar interest. 

They also plan on working with food companies to share recipes and ideas for their products. 

“We want to build a database of food from around the world, and to build community and get the word out,” Wadhwah said. 

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