Turkey says it will send up to 5,000 more troops to fight IS

Ankara has warned it will soon send 5,500 additional troops to its southern border with Syria to fight the Islamic State group.

The move comes as Turkish troops prepare to begin deploying hundreds of troops to the border with the war-torn country, a move the country has long said would only serve to further isolate Ankara.

The number of Turkish troops deployed along the Syrian border is expected to reach 2,000, according to state-run Anadolu Agency.

The decision comes days after the United States and Turkey reached an agreement to share intelligence on IS in the fight against the militant group.

According to the deal, US and Turkish forces will work together to combat the Islamic Republic of Iran-backed Takfiri group.

It is expected the deployment of Turkish forces to Syria will begin as soon as next week.

Turkey is also planning to deploy up to 1,000 Turkish troops to Syria to provide logistical and military support to the Turkish-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which has been fighting alongside the US-led coalition against the Islamic Group.

Turkish troops have been deployed to Syria in recent months to bolster the SDF against IS, which is believed to have control over swathes of northern Syria.

Turkey has deployed more than 400,000 troops since the war in Syria began in 2011.

The Turkish government has accused the United Nations of “lack of accountability” for its handling of the Syrian crisis and said it was ready to send the army to Syria “at any cost”.