Meet the new “food safety training” from a food security expert

A food safety expert is coming to your door to train you on how to safely handle food stored in your home.

The “food security training” comes from an independent company called EZFoods, and is based on the idea that food stored at home is more likely to contain contaminants than food that is stored outdoors.

According to the company’s website, EZ Foods has been working with the USDA and state governments to develop an “automated training” for food security professionals.

The company says it is based off a real-life incident that happened to one of their training clients.EZFood, which also sells “food safe food” training kits, says they will be delivering the training to schools and colleges in November, and will offer it for free.

EzFoods CEO James E. Young says the company is developing the training for food safety professionals, and says it will be available to students and teachers at all levels, including those who have not yet learned the basics of food safety.

He says the training will help “develop critical skills and knowledge in food safety.”

“The training is designed to help people understand how to correctly use food storage systems, to understand the risk and consequences of handling food that has been stored in the wrong way, and to develop a basic understanding of how food can be safely stored,” Young wrote in an email.

“These skills will help people prepare their home and work environments to reduce the risk of food-borne illnesses.”

Food safety is a hot topic right now in America.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are more than 1.8 million reported food-related illnesses per year, which is more than twice the number of people who die from other causes of illness.

Many of these illnesses are preventable.

According, food-safety experts believe that over the past several years, the number one cause of foodborne illness in America has been “lack of refrigeration.”

The CDC says that for every food that’s not refrigerated, one person dies every three minutes from a potentially preventable foodborne disease.

Food safety experts say that it’s a great idea to have training to help you learn how to properly store food at home, but the company behind the training says that there are certain things that you should never do.

The company said that the training is intended for food safe professionals, but that anyone who wants to learn more about the topic should go to the website, which has an introduction to the training, as well as a video that you can watch here.

The EZfoods website also includes a number of information for people interested in purchasing the training.

According a company statement, they are offering the training through the company EZTraining, and the company says the cost for the training runs between $1,000 and $2,500.