What to know about the Trump administration’s food stamp program

President Donald Trump’s administration is revamping the federal food stamp system, shifting some of the burden to states to ensure that food stamp recipients are able to feed themselves and their families.

The Trump administration announced Thursday that it would cut $2 billion in federal spending on SNAP and SNAP benefits in the next two years and reduce benefits for many of the program’s poorest Americans.

SNAP will also see a $20 billion reduction in funding in 2021.

But the cuts could be temporary, and the USDA’s budget director, Andrew Zimbalist, said Thursday the agency would continue to provide SNAP benefits to most of the affected states.

The move comes as Trump has been accused of prioritizing the wealthy over the poor in his first 100 days in office.

Trump has made slashing SNAP and food stamps his signature campaign promise and has been criticized for spending hundreds of millions of dollars on lavish fundraisers for himself and his family while promising to make food assistance programs more accessible to the less well off.

Trump’s budget chief, Mike Littman, said in a press release that SNAP is a priority for the Trump Administration and that “it is critical that states and local governments maintain SNAP funding and assistance and be able to provide additional benefits and services.”