Canada’s new food stamp program will help people in crisis

The Canada Food Assistance Program (CFAP) will be rolled out to new enrollees in March and will provide food for more than 13 million people over the next three years, Minister of Community and Social Services Sharon Furey announced Thursday.

“The CFAP will provide a vital tool to ensure that those who are in crisis have access to nutritious food and services,” Furee said in a release.

“Through the introduction of the new program, we will be able to deliver food for 13 million Canadians.”

Fureey announced the new pilot program in March, calling it the largest food assistance program in Canada.

The CFAP is expected to help more than 20 million Canadians, with the first enrollees expected to receive about $3.7 billion over the three-year pilot program.

Fureeny said the pilot program will provide assistance to people who have been “fraught” with chronic food insecurity and are “unable to make ends meet.”

The new food assistance plan will be in place for about three months, with about 1.5 million of the participants receiving the program.

About 1.3 million of those participants are receiving food assistance in their province.

In addition to the new food program, the CFAP supports a range of other social services, including housing and employment assistance.