Why you should be eating your vegetables right now

The future is here: we’re now entering a golden age of eating our vegetables.

And if you’re a fan of veggies, this is your time to embrace it.

But just how do you know if you should eat your vegetables?

If you’re looking for a simple recipe, you’re out of luck.

Here are our top tips for choosing the right way to eat your veggies.


Make your own veg to suit your tastes and preferences Vegetables are the perfect food for anyone, but if you want to take it a step further, it can be a good idea to make your own.

And that’s because veg is a relatively new food that you can easily change up and enjoy.

But for those of us who prefer a more refined diet, there are some simple guidelines to follow.

Find a good quality supermarket veg that you like and choose the one that’s been cooked in the oven, to prevent it from drying out too much.

You could also buy organic vegetables at the market or in a local farmer’s market, which is usually better for the environment.


Get an idea of how your local market tastes Vegetables don’t always look the same around the world.

For example, in South America, the local market is usually a little bit smaller, but the veg they sell here is usually much better.

If you go to a market in the UK, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any veg from that country, unless it’s from a local producer.

But that’s where you can get some tips from our guide to buying veg in South Africa.

Find out more about what you need to know before you buy vegetables from the BBC.


Find your favourite vegetable store In the UK and Europe, most supermarkets carry a wide range of vegetables.

So whether it’s a farmer’s or a supermarket, you can always pick your favourite.

The supermarkets that carry the best varieties of vegetables in your area will usually be able to provide you with a list of ingredients, so you can pick your favourites without having to go to the supermarket.


Make sure you’re not eating too much of your favourite veg Vegetables that you don’t want to eat too much can be especially damaging to your health, according to the UK Vegetarian Society.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your intake at a healthy level, so that if you do get sick, it’s not as bad as you think it could be.

This means you shouldn’t be eating more than half of your recommended daily intake, for example.


Don’t be tempted to eat the same vegetables twice If you want your vegetable salad to be really filling and satisfying, make sure that it’s one of the vegetables you’ve been eating for a while, and that you’re happy with it.

You might be tempted by buying a fresh one, and then the next day you’re tempted to buy the same vegetable again.

The key is to make sure you’ve got your favourite ingredients in your salad and make sure it’s cooked well.

It’s also good to get a sample salad made up before you try it.

A supermarket veggie salad will usually taste better than a supermarket one, so if you have an alternative to one that you love, try that first.

Try and find a veg with a better flavour and texture than the one you’ve tried before.


Get some fresh vegetables to start with Vegetables need time to mature, so keep an eye out for the freshest ones available.

For most people, fresh vegetables will be their main source of vitamin B12, vitamin E and calcium.

So if you need a few more, make a quick run to the store and pick up some fresh greens.

This will help your body absorb the calcium that is lost when you’re eating more vegetables than you should.


Be sure to get your vegetables from organic sources if possible There are many different varieties of the same food that are all made from the same plant material, so it’s worth checking if you can find a source of your vegetables that’s organic.

Find organic vegetable suppliers at your local supermarket and look for labels that state the type of crop it is grown on.

Some of the best suppliers of vegetables come from countries like China and South Korea.


Look out for local produce and fresh herbs If you need fresh herbs or other fresh ingredients to make a veggie, make your choice at the supermarket, rather than buying them online.

Look for products that are made in your local area and make your selection based on what you want.

You can also buy fresh herbs at farmers markets and online.

These sources of fresh ingredients will have a greater chance of providing the nutrients and nutrients-rich ingredients you need.


Keep it simple The main ingredients in a salad are water and fat.

The water is what gives the salad its flavour, and it’s usually made from fish or other shellfish.

The fat is what makes up the vegetable’s nutritional value.

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