Aussie women to take part in food training in the US

Aussie chefs are being trained in the United States to prepare meals for the hungry in a bid to boost their global food and wine business.

Key points: A group of Australians is making a trip to the US to train as chefs to prepare local food and vineyard products to help win the $100m “World Food Awards”In an effort to boost Australia’s international image, it is being offered a chance to train in the kitchen of the Michelin-starred Michelin Restaurant in New YorkCity”It’s a great opportunity for us to train and learn from some of the best chefs in the world and also give them the opportunity to be on the ground with us as they prepare their dishes,” said chef and restaurateur Tania MacNaughton, who is also the founder of Aussie Restaurant and Food Tours, a Melbourne-based travel and marketing agency.

Ms MacNaughlin said the group is seeking to raise $100,000 to train a group of Australian chefs to make “their own specialised dishes” at a New York City Michelin restaurant.

The group will travel to New York to train with a chef from the Michelelin-listed Michelin International Culinary Institute.

Ms MacDonald said the first group of 20 chefs will arrive in the city this week and will travel through the US on a short break in October.

“We are hoping to do some training with the chefs and learn what they are thinking, and then we’ll go back and start working with them again,” she said.

“The chefs are very keen to get a taste of New York, and they’re very keen not to miss out on a chance at winning the World Food Awards.”

The group, which includes Ms MacDonald’s husband Paul MacDonald, will spend about two months working with the cooks in New Orleans before heading back to Australia in November.

“It is an exciting opportunity to work with a group that is so well-known in the industry, and who have been working together for a long time, and it’s a very exciting opportunity for both of us,” Ms MacDonald said.

The “world food” award, which was won by American chef Daniel Curry last year, will be announced on Wednesday in New Zealand.

The winners of the “World Restaurant and Restaurant Awards” are chosen by a panel of judges who include a Michelin chef.

The New York-based Michelin Foundation is one of the sponsors of the awards, and has previously hosted the annual World Restaurant Awards.

Ms McDonald said the New York restaurant is one the most visited restaurants in the country, with about 150,000 people coming to eat every day.

“So there’s an opportunity for the chefs to be in front of the world, to share with the world that they are working with world-class chefs, and that is the main purpose behind it,” she added.

The award was created in 2009 to recognise outstanding culinary achievements in the New Zealand restaurant industry.

“When we first set up the foundation we were looking to give a nod to the chefs who have done something really special, like Michelin and Michelin New Zealand, and we thought we would give them this recognition,” Ms MacNaught said.