When The Food Industry Doesn’t Have A Place To Work

A new report by the nonprofit Food Democracy Now!

found that more than half of the food-processing companies that were surveyed had been shuttered by 2017, with the number of food-related layoffs skyrocketing to the highest level since the industry began reporting.

The report also found that in 2017, food-service workers were on average earning less than $7.35 an hour, the lowest level since 2000.

Food-processing firms also face rising costs as companies struggle to maintain their profitability, especially as they shift to cheaper labor and less-educated workers.

According to the report, food services were the second largest sector in which more than two-thirds of all job losses in 2017 occurred.

“The cost of food services has risen sharply over the last two decades and has surpassed the cost of labor for most workers in the food industry,” said Food Democracy Fund Executive Director Matt Turek.

“This has forced the food service industry to either cut back on jobs or scale back staffing, and that’s led to an increase in food service employment.”

In addition to food services, the report also noted that “in some cases, the industry has reduced staffing because of a shortage of workers or a lack of qualified applicants.

Some companies have also shuttered offices to make way for new business models or to increase workforce flexibility to meet growing customer demand.”

In the past few years, food service workers have also lost jobs to other sectors, including the auto industry and pharmaceuticals.

Food Democracy has been documenting the decline in the jobs and wages of food workers in North America, and the report found that “there are more than 5.5 million food service jobs in the United States, representing one-third of the country’s food service workforce.”

In 2017, about 80 percent of food service employees were women, according to the nonprofit.

In addition, the Food Democracy report found the food processing industry employs approximately 2.2 million people.