Meet the woman who became a vegan for $3,000

When I started this vegan journey, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I didn’t know how to cook, or where to get the right kind of ingredients, or what kind of nutritionist to turn to.

I didn’t want to be an omnivore.

I was terrified.

So I went for the cheapest, most natural way to make sure I was going to eat the right foods.

I wanted to do it by the book.

But I soon realized that wasn’t enough.

I wasn toying with the idea of switching to raw food for my own health and well-being, but that didn’t feel like the way to go.

I knew that a vegan diet had to include everything from animal products to fruits and vegetables, so it was clear to me that it needed to be more than just the bare minimum.

So in the process of trying to figure out what that should look like, I realized that it wasn’t just about getting the most bang for my buck.

I needed to find out what was in my food and figure out how to make it healthy.

In the end, I decided to start by going vegan.

I had a feeling that it was the right thing to do.

But before I knew it, I was in a vegan kitchen full of food I didn, in fact, want to eat.