When you need a ‘buddy’ to go with you on your next trip, a new app lets you get a face to go along with your laptop

With the release of Android Wear 2.0 last week, Google has introduced an easy way for you to make phone calls while using a companion device.

Android Wear is a smartwatch that works with Google Assistant to automatically ask you questions and give suggestions.

It also lets you send SMS messages from the watch to other devices, even if the device you’re using is hidden from the phone.

Now, a pair of apps are starting to show that Google’s assistant is just as capable of working with a smartphone as it is with a laptop.

The apps work by automatically asking you questions when you’re in your Google Glass glasses, and then automatically sending a reply if you have the right answer.

When I asked how they’d use this, a developer told me they’d be using the app on their Google Glass headset.

The app doesn’t seem to work in all situations, but Google says it’s working on a workaround for the issue.

This is not the first time Google has tried to help developers with this sort of situation.

It worked with developers on the Nexus 7, and also showed an app for the Moto 360 smartwatch, but it has yet to work with a full-fledged Google Glass device.

The Google Assistant app for Google Glass can also tell you about the weather, date, time, or recent search terms for nearby restaurants.

When you look at the Google Glass app, it will show you all the information you need.

You’ll also get the option to search for nearby shops, restaurants, and cafes.

The new apps can also show you the weather for a specific area, which can help you plan your next visit.

I’ve been using the Google Assistant on my Nexus 7 for a few days, and I’ve already seen some things that have helped me make the most of the experience.

The apps are only a few of the new apps that Google has rolled out to help Android Wear devices.

The next big thing Google is pushing with Wear 2 is its ability to use Bluetooth for much more than just connecting to other Android Wear phones.

That means apps can work from the Android Wear watch, and even work without the phone attached to it.

Google Glass will eventually come to other smartwatches too.

A number of other companies are working on smartwares that can act as Bluetooth headsets and speakers, and Google is working on its own Bluetooth-enabled smartwalls.

That could be something like the Pebble, which will be a smartwear that works on your wrist.

Google also plans to start showing off its own smartwands in a few months, but for now it has to wait until the wearable devices start showing up on a wider variety of smartwars.

If you’re planning on going to an event and don’t want to buy a watch or glasses, Google says you can purchase a companion app for $25.

I hope you like the app I’ve written about in the past, and if you do, you can download it here.

And for the record, if you’re curious how this works, you’ll want to read our interview with Google about how it works with Android Wear.