Which tech companies are hiring and why?

Recode is reporting that Google is hiring hundreds of new developers.

The tech giant is also announcing a partnership with Microsoft to make it easier for developers to get a developer license.

The news comes as Google is also introducing new coding standards and software to support new devices and services.

Google says it will roll out more of the new programming language Swift over the next two months, and will allow developers to write new code using the Swift programming language.

The move comes after Google hired a group of programmers from IBM, Intel, Microsoft and Google’s own Code Labs, as well as a handful of other companies.

Recode reports that the developers were given the task of developing the new Swift language in collaboration with IBM and Intel.

The Swift language was developed by a group at Google that includes engineers from Microsoft, Intel and Microsoft Research.

It’s also developed in part by IBM, and has been designed with the goal of supporting the development of software for IoT, virtual reality and other emerging technology.