Canada’s food safety crackdown ends with only six arrests in food safety probe

CUPE members were left to pick up the pieces when the food safety investigation into the tainted meat found only six people had been arrested in total.

On Friday, the Ontario Provincial Police announced it had arrested two people and taken another two to a downtown court.

Police said that they were looking into whether the meat had been stored in a cooler, not at the same time as the meat.

The province’s food and drug unit is looking into allegations of a possible food safety risk in the meat used in a popular Canadian menu.

The probe also found that some people in the area were under the impression that the meat was from a local farm.

The investigation has not found any trace of the tainted chicken or beef.

The Ontario Food Inspection Agency says it was able to locate a farm in the surrounding area.

The Ontario Provincial police also say they have taken another three people into custody for unrelated charges.

The ministry says it is continuing to review the meat, but has suspended the inspection of its facilities.

In a statement, the Ministry of Food said the investigation into its operations has been suspended and no further information was immediately available.