Teenagers: ‘We need to be the biggest fans we can be’

In a series of viral videos, a group of teenagers in the US have created a series called Food Wars, in which they show off their love for their favorite foods, and how they use the internet to make sure the public can’t get bored.

The teens have been dubbed “The Foodies” for their obsession with food.

In one video, a teenage girl says she loves everything about food, and the videos have racked up more than 9 million views.

“I have so much food,” the teen says in one video.

“I don’t eat it everyday because I don’t want to get sick.

I don´t eat it because I am not hungry.

I love it because it is healthy.”

Food Wars is not the first food-related viral campaign to target teens, and it is not likely to be their last.

Earlier this year, an internet video of a teenager in Florida being “dumped” on the beach by a beach volleyball player sparked a social media campaign against beach volleyball players, with users posting a video of the teen being tossed into the ocean and a Facebook post asking for the video to be deleted.

The campaign against tennis players also sparked a Twitter campaign and a video featuring an unnamed young woman describing how she was “thrown into the water” by a tennis player who then dived into her and started choking her.

In 2016, another viral campaign called The Foodie Wars, was created in response to a food truck serving food from a Chinese food company, while in 2014, an American teen was featured in a viral video about the dangers of eating too much chicken soup and a McDonalds restaurant in Kentucky was featured on the cover of People magazine.