How to prepare for training camp with this video

NFL training camp is on the horizon.

The first of the new NFL seasons begins Tuesday, which means a lot of things are going to change.

Here are a few things to know ahead of the start of training camp.1.

There’s no NFL-style practice, no padded practice, and no mandatory post-practice meetings.

It’s all on the road.

We’ll break down the changes with the latest news on NFL Network.2.

You’ll have more of a chance to play in a full game this time around.

With the preseason a little bit over three months away, that means more opportunity to be involved with the regular season and the playoff push.3.

Players are going from camp to camp, and the number of injuries is going up.

There are more injuries this year, and it’s affecting the depth at the position.

That means more competition for spots on the 53-man roster.4.

Some of the players you’ll see more of this year will be leaving camp and returning to practice later this week.

For example, the Falcons have re-signed wide receiver Deion Jones and tight end Dontrelle Inman to new deals.

The Browns are also working on a contract extension for wide receiver Andrew Hawkins.5.

There won’t be a full-on preseason camp for the first time since the 1970s.

That’s not a bad thing for the NFL because players are learning new positions and more new strategies for preparing for the season.6.

There will be some tweaks to the regular-season schedule.

We’ve learned some important details, including a lot less time spent in the locker room and less practice time for coaches.

That will be a benefit for coaches, as they’re now able to have more time to train their players.7.

There’ll be more practices this season, which will help prepare players for the start in earnest.

We can expect a lot more of those in camp.8.

The Eagles will be more open in how they use the practice field.

Chip Kelly wants to get his players out there more, so he’ll be doing more.

We expect them to take more snaps at practice this season.9.

We should see some changes in the way the NFL officiates this year.

The game has become more and more complicated, so some of the more contentious calls will be handled differently this year with the game being played on a larger field.10.

The Patriots will start the regular offseason practice week earlier than they did in 2016, which is good news for players who need to get in pads for practice.11.

New York will get some extra time to prepare.

That should help get players ready for camp, but it’s not going to happen overnight.12.

The 49ers will start with five preseason games, which should give them more opportunities to play against good teams than the previous two seasons.

They’ll have two home games, and they’ll play at least three of their final preseason games on the east coast.13.

The Colts will get one more game this season against a good team, which gives them more chances to show off their talent.

The Jets, Cowboys, and Giants are all in the mix.14.

There were some notable changes to the schedule, with the Packers playing two preseason games in Dallas, the Raiders hosting two preseason contests in San Diego, and Miami hosting two games in Indianapolis.

It doesn’t mean the Colts won’t get some good games against good competition, but the schedule won’t change.15.

It’ll be a little easier to watch the Eagles, Bills, and Steelers in their home opener than in the other two preseason outings.

That won’t hurt them, but we expect to see them get some of their preseason games at home this year in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.16.

The Jaguars will host two preseason home games this year and one each in Jacksonville, New Orleans, and Tampa Bay.17.

The Cowboys will play six preseason games this season with six games at AT&T Stadium.

That would be their second straight season playing at AT &T Stadium, but they’ll only play two preseason road games, with one in Arlington, Texas.18.

The Raiders will play three preseason home contests, including one each at home in Las Vegas, Seattle, and Phoenix.19.

We’re going to see more games in the NFL on television, as more teams are signing their own deals with ESPN.

We know this is a good thing, because the league has to pay for the new contracts to broadcast games, so the money has to be there.20.

There aren’t many players coming back from injury this season; most of them are getting ready for the next season.

So it will be important for the coaching staff to keep players fresh and get them in shape for the upcoming season.21.

Some players will have to go back to school to complete their degrees this year — and that will affect their next contract negotiations.22.

It will be interesting to see how the salary cap works this year as