What we learned from a week in training

Sport is about learning.

Training is about improving.

In that spirit, TalkSport has compiled the best of the best training sessions we saw in action in the week.

The sessions were organised by the Rugby World Cup organising committee and were attended by coaches and players from the five nations that competed: Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Wales.

A selection of the sessions below is provided by the players themselves and includes some of the highlights of the week, with highlights added by the rugby team themselves. 

It’s the players, first and foremost, that take the majority of the spotlight in this sort of training, but you can also watch the sessions on the Rugby Rugby World Tour (RWT) website or on the official Rugby World Series (RWS) channel.RWC 2014 was a big week for the game.

It saw a number of high profile players make their way to South Africa to play in the RWC.

The tournament has since expanded to 12 teams from nine in 2019.

The top-ranked side from that tournament will be crowned Rugby World Champion, while the top two from the Rugby Championship will advance to the 2019 Rugby World Finals in Japan.

The week in pictures: Argentina vs South Africa RWC 2016 South Africa Australia vs New Zealand South African New Zealand Australia New Zeal New Zealand Bath Rugby Saracens Somerset Swansea Sydney Southend Toulon Tonga Tunisia Wales Wycombe Bretagne Cup TBD