How to train yourself to eat like a pro

It’s the latest in a long line of nutrition tips that are being used to help people achieve a healthy weight, and it’s being embraced by health experts.

A new diet book, The Weight Loss Coach’s Diet, promises to help you lose up to 5kg (10lbs) in just a few weeks.

The idea is to help with weight loss, but the book has been labelled as a diet and exercise program, and is in the process of being licensed for commercial distribution.

It is a diet book that includes the idea of eating “on demand” and the idea that the only way to achieve weight loss is to eat more and work out more.

The book’s publisher, Loughborough University, says it’s been designed to help students with obesity and diet issues.

“It’s an accessible, easy to understand and engaging, practical and easy-to-follow diet program, which is intended to help anyone achieve their weight loss goals,” it says on the back of the book.

“To achieve this, students will gain a new sense of confidence, improve their eating habits and gain confidence in themselves and their ability to eat healthier.”

The book’s author, David Baskin, says that the idea behind the book is that “the only way you can lose weight is by eating less”.

“The first five weeks is about diet and the last five weeks about training.

This is the diet book to get the results,” he told the BBC.

It’s a programme that is currently in the licensing process for commercial sales.

“The idea of a ‘clean eating’ program is that you’re not going to do any physical activity, and you’re going to spend as little time with your food as possible.”

That’s the idea.

It’s also about changing your behaviour, so you don’t get the hang of eating for a while, so that you don