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Trains Passing through RAIPUR JN
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
00221Pune Junction to Howrah Junction Pune - Howrah AC SF Special Fare Special(PUNE-HWH)05:2505:30
00833Ahmedabad Junction to Santragachi Junction Ahmedabad - Santragachi AC Special Fare Special(ADI-SRC)17:1517:25
00834Santragachi Junction to Ahmedabad Junction• Santragachi - Ahmedabad AC Special Fare (SRC-ADI)03:0003:10
01419Pune Junction to Santragachi Junction Pune - Santragachi SpecialFare AC Puja Special(PUNE-SRC)05:2505:30
01420SANTRAGACHI JN to PUNE JN SRC PUNE AC SPL (src-pune)20:2520:30
02242 to (-)06:2506:30
02512Kamakhya Junction to Pune Junction Kamakhya - Pune SF Special(KYO-PUNE)05:1005:20
02822Santragachi Junction to Pune Junction Santragachi - Pune AC SF SpecialFare Special(SRC-PUNE)06:2506:30
02859Lokmanya Tilak Terminus to Santragachi Junction Mumbai LTT - Santragachi SpecialFare AC Special(LTT-SRC)05:2505:30
04407Durg Junction to Hazrat Nizamuddin Hazrat Nizamuddin SpecialFare AC SF Special(DURG-NZM)07:4007:45
08244Bhagat Ki Kothi to Bilaspur Junction Bgkt Bsp Special(BGKT-BSP)10:3510:45
08246Bikaner Junction to Bilaspur Junction Bkn Bsp Special(BKN-BSP)10:35 10:45
08422Ajmer Junction to Puri Aii Puri Express(AII-PURI)03:10 03:35
12069Raigarh to Gondia Junction Raigarh-Gondia Jan Shatabdi Express(RIG-G)10:3010:35
12070Gondia Junction to Raigarh Gondia-Raigarh Jan Shatabdi Express(G-RIG)17:4517:50
12101Lokmanyatilak T to Howrah Jn JNANESWARI DELX(LTT-HWH)14.2014.30
12102Howrah Jn to Lokmanyatilak T JNANESWARISUPDL(HWH-LTT)11.2011.30
12129Pune Junction to Howrah Junction Azad Hind Express(PUNE-HWH)14:45 14:50
12130Howrah Junction to Pune Junction Azad Hind Express(HWH-PUNE)10:4510:55
12145Lokmanyatilak T to Puri LTT PURI SUP EX(LTT-PURI)15.3515.55
12146Puri to Lokmanyatilak T BBS LTT SUP EXP(PURI-LTT)12.3012.55
12151Lokmanyatilak T to Howrah Jn SAMARSATA EXP(LTT-HWH)15.3015.40
12152Howrah Jn to Lokmanyatilak T SAMARSATA EXP(HWH-LTT)12.4512.55
12251Yesvantpur Jn to Korba WAINGANGA EXP(YPR-KRBA)00.2500.35
12252Korba to Yesvantpur Jn WAINGANGA EXP(KRBA-YPR)11.4511.55
12409Raigarh to H Nizamuddin Gondwana Expres(RIG-NZM)07:3507:45
12410H Nizamuddin to Raigarh Gondwana Expres(NZM-RIG)14:0514:15
12441Bilaspur Junction to New Delhi Bsp Ndls Raj Ex(BSP-NDLS)15:3015:40
12442New Delhi to Bilaspur Junction Bilaspur Rjdhni(NDLS-BSP)10:0510:15
12535Lucknow Ne to Raipur Junction Ljn R Garibrath(LJN-R)07:15Ends
12536Raipur Junction to Lucknow Ne Ljn Garibrath(R-LJN)Starts12:20
12549Durg to Jammu Tawi Durg Jat Sf Exp(DURG-JAT)12:3512:40
12550Jammu Tawi to Durg Jat Durg Sf Exp(JAT-DURG)13:1013:20
12743Puri to Surat Puri - Surat Express(PURI-ST)09:3509:55
12744Surat to Puri Surat Puri Express(ST-PURI)02:50 03:10
12745Lokmanya Tilak Terminus to Puri Mumbai LTT - Puri SF Express(LTT-PURI)18:2518:35
12746Puri to Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Puri - Mumbai LTT SF Express(PURI-LTT)18:5019:00
12767Hazur Sahib Nanded to Santragachi Junction HazurSahib Nanded-Kolkata Santragachi (NED-SRC)06:0006:10
12768Santragachi Junction to Hazur Sahib Nanded Kolkata Santragachi-Hazur Sahib Nanded (SRC-NED)03:0003:10
12807Vishakapatnam to H Nizamuddin Samta Express(VSKP-NZM)16:4017:00
12808H Nizamuddin to Vishakapatnam Samta Express(NZM-VSKP)06:5507:20
12809Mumbai Cst to Howrah Jn HOWRAH MAIL(-HWH)16.0516.15
12810Howrah Junction to Mumbai CST Howrah - Mumbai Mail (via Nagpur) (PT)(HWH-CSTM)09.0009.10
12811Lokmanyatilak T to Hatia HATIA EXPRESS(LTT-HTE)18.2518.35
12812Hatia to Lokmanyatilak T HTE LTT SUPER(HTE-LTT)18.5019.00
12823Durg to H Nizamuddin C G Smprk Krnti(DURG-NZM)12:3512:40
12824H Nizamuddin to Durg Chtsgrh S Krnti(NZM-DURG)14:0514:15
12833Ahmedabad Junction to Howrah Junction Howrah Express(ADI-HWH)22:5523:05
12834Howrah Junction to Ahmedabad Junction Hwh Adi Express(HWH-ADI)13:35 13:45
12843Puri to Ahmedabad Junction Puri - Ahmedabad SF Express(PURI-ADI)09:3509:35
12844Ahmedabad Junction to Puri Adi Puri Express(Adi-Puri)16:30 16:50
12849Bilaspur Junction to Pune Junction Bsp Pune Superfast Express(BSP-PUNE)13:1013:20
12850Pune Junction to Bilaspur Junction Pune-Bilaspur SuperFast Express (PUNE-BSP)14:0514:15
12851Bilaspur Jn to Chennai Central BSP MAS EXP(BSP-MAS)10.3010.35
12852Chennai Central to Bilaspur Jn BILASPUR EXPRES(MAS-BSP)18.2518.35
12853Durg to Bhopal Junction Amarkantak Exp(DURG-BPL)18:5519:00
12854Bhopal Junction to Durg Amarkantak Exp(BPL-DURG)07:0007:10
12855Bilaspur Junction to Nagpur Junction Bilaspur-Nagpur InterCity Express(BSL-NGP)17:5017:55
12856Nagpur Junction to Bilaspur Junction Nagpur-Bilaspur InterCity Express(NGP-BSP)11:3011:45
12859Mumbai Cst to Howrah Jn GITANJALI EXP(-HWH)23.2523.35
12860Howrah Jn to Mumbai Cst GITANJALI EXP(HWH-)02.1502.25
12869Mumbai Cst to Howrah Jn Mumbai CST - Howrah Weekly SF Express(CSTM-HWH)05.5006.00
12870Howrah Jn to Mumbai Cst HWH CSTM EXPRES(HWH-)03.0003.10
12879Lokmanyatilak T to Bhubaneswar LTT BBS SUP EXP(LTT-BBS)18.2518.35
12880Bhubaneswar to Lokmanyatilak T BBS LTT SF EXP(BBS-LTT)18.5019.00
12905Porbandar to Howrah Junction Porbandar-Howrah SF Express(PBR-HWH)14:2014:30
12906Howrah Junction to Porbandar Howrah-Porbandar SF Express (PT)(HWH-PBR)11:2011:30
12949Porbandar to Santragachi Junction Kaviguru Express(PBR-SRC)15:3015:40
12950Santragachi Junction to Porbandar Santragachi-Porbandar Kavi Guru SF Express(SRC-PBR)12:4512:55
12993Gandhidham Bg to Puri Gimb Puri Express(GIMB-PURI)02:4003:05
12994Puri to Gandhidham Junction Puri-Gandhidham Weekly SF Express(PURI-GIMB)09:3509:55
13288Rajendra Nagar Terminal to Durg South Bihar Express(RJPB-DURG)19:2019:30
13425Malda Town to Surat Malda - Surat Express(MLDT-ST)10:0010:10
13426Surat to Malda Town St Malda Town E(ST-MLDT)07:3507:45
15159Chhapra Junction to Durg Junction Sarnath Express(CPR-DURG)06:1006:20
15160Durg Junction to Chhapra Junction Sarnath Express(DURG-CPR)21:0521:15
15229Chhapra to Durg Sarnath Express(CPR-DURG)06:1006:20
15230Durg to Chhapra Sarnath Express(DURG-CPR)21:0521:15
15231Barauni Junction to Gondia Junction Barauni - Gondia Express(BJU-G)15:0015:10
15232Gondia Junction to Barauni Junction Gondia - Barauni Express(G-BJU)00:0500:15
15611Lokmanyatilak T to Kamakhya Jn KARMABHOOMI EXP(LTT-KYQ)05.5006.00
16327Korba to Trivandrum Central KRBA TVC EXPRES(KRBA-TVC)23.1023.15
16328Trivandrum Central to Korba KORBA EXPRESS(TVC-KRBA)22.4022.50
17005Hyderabad Decan to Raxaul Jn HYB RXL EXPRESS(HYB-RXL)12.3512.40
17006Raxaul Jn to Hyderabad Decan DBG HYB EXPRESS(RXL-HYB)07.5008.00
17007Secunderabad Jn to Darbhanga Jn SC DBG EXPRESS(SC-DBG)12.3512.40
17008Darbhanga Jn to Secunderabad Jn DBG SC EXPRESS(DBG-SC)07.5008.00
17481Bilaspur Junction to Tirupati Bsp Tpty Express(BSP-TPTY)11:55 12:15
17482Tirupati to Bilaspur Junction Tirupati-Bilaspur Express(TPTY-BSP)15:0515:30
18029Lokmanyatilak T to Shalimar LTT SHALIMAR EXPRESS(LTT-SHM)19.2519.35
18030Shalimar to Lokmanyatilak T SHM LTT EXPRESS(SHM-LTT)06.3506.45
18201Durg to Nautanwa Durg - Nautanwa Express(DURG-NTV)20:2520:35
18202Nautanwa to Durg Ntv Durg Exp(NTV-DURG)13:1013:20
18203Durg to Kanpur Central Betwa Express(DURG-CNB)20:2520:35
18204Kanpur Central to Durg Betwa Express(CNB-DURG)12:0512:15
18205Durg to Nautanwa Nautanwa Express (DURG-NTV)20:2520:35
18206Nautanwa to Durg Ntv Durg Exp(NTV-DURG)12:0512:15
18213DURG to jAIPUR DURG to JAIPUR(Durg-jp)16:4516:55
18214Jaipur Junction to Durg Junction Jaipur - Durg Weekly Express(JP-DURG)21:1521:25
18215Durg to Jammu Tawi DURG JAT EXPRES(DURG-JAT)09.3509.40
18216Jammu Tawi to Durg JAT DURG EXPRESS(JAT-DURG)18.0518.10
18237Bilaspur Junction to Amritsar Junction Chattisgarh Exp(BSP-ASR)16.1016.20
18238Amritsar Jn to Chhindwara Junction Chhatisgarh Exp(ASR-CWA)09.4509.55
18239Gevra Road to Nagpur Gad Ngp Express(ITR-NGP)22:25 22:35
18240Nagpur Junction to Bilaspur Junction Shivnath Express(NGP-BSP)04:5505:05
18242Ambikapur to Durg Abkp Durg Passenger E(ABKP-DURG)08:0508:15
18243Bilaspur Junction to Bhagat Ki Kothi Bilaspur - Bhagat Ki Kothi (Jodhpur) Express(BSP-BGKT)20:1020:20
18244Bhagat Ki Kothi to Bilaspur Junction Bhagat Ki Kothi ( Jodhpur ) - Bilaspur Express(BGKT-BSP)10:3510:45
18246Bikaner Junction to Bilaspur Junction Bikaner - Bilaspur Express(BKN-BSP)10:3510:45
18405Puri to Ahmedabad Junction Puri Ahmedabad Express(PURI-ADI)09:3509:55
18407Puri to Sainagar Shirdi Puri-Sai Nagar Shirdi Weekly Express(PURI-SNSI)14:0014:25
18408Sainagar Shirdi to Puri Snsi Puri Express(SNSI-PURI)07:3507:55
18421Puri to Ajmer Jn PURI AJMER EXP(PURI-AII)12.3012.55
18422Ajmer Jn to Puri Ajmer - Puri Bi-Weekly Express(AII-PURI)03.1003.35
18425Puri to Durg Puri - Durg Express(PURI-DURG)08:4008:50
18473Puri to Jodhpur Jn Puri Ju Express(PURI-JU)05.1005.20
18474Jodhpur Jn to Puri Ju Puri Express(JU-PURI)19.3019.40
18517Korba to Visakhapatnam Junction Korba Visakhapatnam Express(KRBA-VSKP)20:2520:45
18517Korba to Visakhapatnam Junction Korba Visakhapatnam Express(KRBA-VSKP)20:2520:45
18573Visakhapatnam Junction to Bhagat Ki Kothi Vishakhapatnam - Bhagat Ki Kothi Weekly (VSKP-BGKT)16:0016:30
18574Bhagat Ki Kothi to Vishakapatnam Bgkt Vskp Express(BGKT-VSKP)21:1521:40
19453Gandhidham Bg to Puri Gimb Puri Express(GIMB-PURI)03:1003:35
19454Puri to Gandhidham Junction Puri - Gandhidham Weekly Express(PURI-GIMB)02:4503:10
22512Kamakhya Jn to Lokmanyatilak T KARMABHOOMI EXP(KYQ-LTT)03.0003.10
22619Bilaspur Jn to Tirunelveli BSP TEN EXPRESS(BSP-TEN)10.0010.10
22620Tirunelveli to Bilaspur Jn TEN BILASPUR EX(TEN-BSP)19.3019.40
22647Korba to Trivandrum Central KRBA TVC EXPRES(KRBA-TVC)23.1023.15
22648Trivandrum Central to Korba KORBA EXPRESS(TVC-KRBA)22.4022.50
22815Bilaspur Jn to Eranakulam Jn BSP ERS S F EXP(BSP-ERS)10.0010.10
22816Ernakulam Jn to Bilaspur Jn ERS BILASPUR EX(-BSP)19.3019.40
22827Puri to Surat Puri - Surat Weekly SF Express(PURI-ST)09:3509:55
22845Pune Junction to Hatia Pune-Hatia Biweekly SF Express(PUNE -HTE)06:4506:50
22847Visakhapatnam to Lokmanyatilak T VSKP LTT EXPRES(VSKP-LTT)18.3519.00
22848Lokmanyatilak T to Vishakapatnam LTT VSKP SUP EX(LTT-)19.2019.40
22865Lokmanya Tilak Terminus to Puri Mumbai LTT - Puri (Weekly) SF Express(LTT-PURI)18:2518:35
22866Puri to Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Puri - Mumbai LTT (Weekly) SF Express(PURI-LTT)18:5019:00
22893Sainagar Shirdi to Howrah Junction Snsi Hwh Superfast Express(SNSI-HWH)06:0006:10
22894Howrah Junction to Sainagar Shirdi Howrah - Sainagar Shirdi SF Express(HWH-SNSI )03:0003:10
22905Okha to Howrah Junction Okha Howrah Link Express(OKHA-HWH)14:2014:30
22939Hapa to Bilaspur Junction Hapa - Bilaspur SF Express(HAPA-BSP)02:5003:05
22940Bilaspur Junction to Hapa Bilaspur - Hapa SF Express(BSP-HAPA)10:0010:10
8245Bilaspur Junction to Bikaner Junction Bilaspur - Bikaner Special(BSP-BKN)19:5020:00
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