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Trains Passing through LUCKNOW NER
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
05036Anand Vihar Trm to Gorakhpur Junction Anvt Gkp Special(ANVT- GKP)20:50 21:15
05065Chhapra to Lucknow Ne Cpr Ljn Spl(CPR-LJN)08:15Ends
05066Lucknow Ne to Chhapra Ljn Cpr Spl(LJN-CPR)Starts20:25
09707Jaipur to Lucknow Ne Jp Ljn Exp(JP-LJN)10:25Ends
11407Pune Junction to Lucknow Junction NER Pune - Lucknow Jn. Express(PUNE-LJN)02:30Ends
12103Pune Junction to Lucknow Ne Pa Lucknow Exp(PUNE-LJN)17:10Ends
12104Lucknow Ne to Pune Junction Ljn Pune Exp(LJN-PUNE)Starts06:30
12107Lokmanyatilak T to Lucknow Ne Lucknow Sup Exp(LTT-LJN)15.10Ends
12108Lucknow Ne to Lokmanyatilak T Ljn Ltt Express(LJN-LTT)Starts22.45
12179Lucknow Ne to Agra Cantt Ljn Agc Intrcit(LJN-AGC)Starts15:45
12180Agra Cantt to Lucknow Ne Ljn Intercity(AGC-LJN)11:45Ends
12209Kanpur Central to Kathgodam Kgm Garib Rath(CNB-KGM)07:4008:05
12210Kathgodam to Kanpur Central Cnb Garib Rath(KGM-CNB)02:4003:10
12225Azamgarh to Delhi Kaifiyat Express(AMH-DLI)22:5023:15
12226Delhi to Azamgarh Kaifiyat Express(DLI-AMH)03:0003:20
12511Gorakhpur Jn to Trivandrum Central Rapti Sagar Exp(GKP-TVC)11.3011.50
12512Trivandrum Central to Gorakhpur Jn Raptisagar Exp(TVC-GKP)09.4510.05
12521Barauni Jn to Eranakulam Jn Rapti Sagar Express(BJU-ERS)11.3011.50
12522Eranakulam Jn to Barauni Jn Raptisagar Exp(ERS-BJU)09.4510.05
12532Lucknow Ne to Gorakhpur Junction Gkp Intercity(LJN-GKP)Starts16:35
12533Lucknow Ne to Mumbai Cst Pushpak Exp(LJN-CSTM)Starts19.45
12534Mumbai Cst to Lucknow Ne Pushpak Express(CSTM-LJN)08.40Ends
12535Lucknow Ne to Raipur Junction Ljn R Garibrath(LJN-R)Starts14:40
12536Raipur Junction to Lucknow Ne Ljn Garibrath(R-LJN)05:05Ends
12541Gorakhpur Junction to Lokmanyatilak T Gkp Ltt Sup Exp(GKP-LTT)03:1503:55
12542Lokmanyatilak T to Gorakhpur Junction Ltt Gkp Sup Exp(LTT-GKP)11:2511:50
12553Barauni Junction to New Delhi Vaishali Exp(BJU-NDLS)22:0522:25
12554New Delhi to Barauni Junction Vaishali Exp(NDLS-BJU)03:4504:05
12584Delhi Anand Vihar Terminal to Lucknow Junction NER Delhi Anand ViharT - Lucknow Jn. DoubleDecker Express(ANVT-LJN)22:50Ends
12589Gorakhpur Jn to Secunderabad Jn Gkp Sc Express(GKP-SC)11.3011.50
12590Secunderabad Jn to Gorakhpur Jn Gorakhpur Exp(SC-GKP)09.4510.05
12591Gorakhpur Jn to Yesvantpur Jn Gkp Sbc Express(GKP-YPR)11.3011.50
12592Yesvantpur Junction to Gorakhpur Junction Gorakhpur Express(YPR-GKP)09:4510:05
12593Lucknow Ne to Bhopal Junction Ljn Bpl G R(LJN-BPL)Starts22:45
12594Bhopal Junction to Lucknow Ne Ljn Garib Rath(BPL-LJN)09:45Ends
13019Howrah Junction to Kathgodam Bagh Express(HWH-KGM)00:0200:25
13020Kathgodam to Howrah Junction Bagh Express(KGM-HWH)05:5506:20
13049Howrah Jn to Amritsar Amritsar Exp(HWH-ASR)15:4015:45
14258New Delhi to Varanasi Junction Kashi V Express(NDLS-BSB)21:3521:50
14511Allahabad Junction to Khurja Junction Nauchandi Exp(ALD-KRJ)22:5023:10
15007Manduadih to Lucknow Ne Muv Ljn Express(MUV-LJN)05:45Ends
15008Lucknow Ne to Manduadih Ljn Muv Exp(LJN-MUV)Starts23:05
15009Lucknow Ne to Jabalpur Chitrakut Exp(LJN-JBP)Starts17:30
15010Jabalpur to Lucknow Ne Chitrakut Exp(JBP-LJN)09:30Ends
15011Lucknow Ne to Chandigarh Ljn Cdg Express(LJN-CDG)Starts22:55
15012Chandigarh to Lucknow Ne Cdg Ljn Express(CDG-LJN)09:10Ends
15015Gorakhpur Junction to Yesvantpur Junction Gkp Ypr Express(GKP-YPR)11:3011:50
15016Yesvantpur Junction to Gorakhpur Junction Ypr Gorakpur Ex(YPR-GKP)07:4008:05
15023Gorakhpur Jn to Yesvantpur Jn Gorakhpur - Yesvantpur Express(GKP-YPR)15.5016.20
15024Yesvantpur Junction to Gorakhpur Junction Ypr Gkp Exp(YPR-GKP)20:3521:00
15045Gorakhpur Jn to Okha Gkp Okha Expres(GKP-OKHA)10.0010.30
15046Okha to Gorakhpur Jn Gorakhpur Exp(OKHA-GKP)13.3514.00
15101Chhapra Junction to Mumbai CST Chhapra-Mumbai Jansadharan Express (CPR-CSTM)06:0006:30
15102Mumbai CST to Chhapra Junction Mumbai CST - Chhapra Jansadharan Express (CSTM-CPR)19:0519:30
15107Chhapra to Mathura Junction Cpr Mtj Express(CPR-MTJ)13:2513:45
15108Mathura Junction to Chhapra Mtj Cpr Express(MTJ-CPR)07:2007:45
15203Barauni Junction to Lucknow Ne Bju Ljn Exp(BJU-LJN)13:00Ends
15204Lucknow Ne to Barauni Junction Ljn Bju Express(LJN-BJU)Starts15:00
16094Lucknow Ne to Chennai Central Ljn Mas Exp(LJN-MAS)Starts16.20
18191Chhapra to Farrukhabad Utsarg Exp(CPR-FBD)07:3007:55
18192Farrukhabad to Chhapra Utsarg Exp(FBD-CPR)18:2518:55
19021Bandra Terminus to Lucknow Junction NER Mumbai Bandra T - Lucknow Weekly Express(BDTS-LJN)20:20Ends
19022Lucknow Junction NER to Bandra Terminus Lucknow Jn.- Mumbai Bandra T. Weekly Express(LJN-BDTS )Starts00:10
19037Bandra Terminus to Gorakhpur Junction Avadh Express(BDTS-GKP)06:2506:50
19038Gorakhpur Jn to Bandra Terminus Avadh Express(GKP-BDTS)20:1520:55
19039Bandra Terminus to Muzaffarpur Jn Avadh Express(BDTS-MFP)06:2506:50
19040Muzaffarpur Jn to Bandra Terminus Avadh Express(MFP-BDTS)20:2020:55
19061Bandra Terminus to Ramnagar Ramnagar Express(BDTS-RMR)10:2510:50
19715Jaipur Junction to Lucknow Junction NER Jaipur - Lucknow Jn. Tri-Weekly Express(JP-LJN)10:25Destination
19716Lucknow Junction NER to Jaipur Junction Lucknow Jn. - Jaipur (Tri-weekly) Express(LJN-JP)Starts12:10
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