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Trains Passing through DAUSA
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
25014Ramnagar to Jaisalmer Corbet Prk Link(JSM-RMR)09:3009:32
19782Amritsar Junction to Ajmer Junction Asr Jp Express(ASR-AII)06:04 06:10
19718Chandigarh Junction to Jaipur Junction Chandigarh - Jaipur Intercity Express(CDG-JP)22:5923:01
19716Lucknow Junction NER to Jaipur Junction Lucknow Jn. - Jaipur (Tri-weekly) Express(LJN-JP)00:3000:32
19666Udaipur City to Khajuraho Udz Kurj Express(UDZ-KURJ)07:0407:06
19614Amritsar Jn to Jagraon Amritsar - Ajmer Express (ASR-JGN)06.0406.06
19613Amritsar Jn to Bhiwani Jn AJMER ASR EXP(ASR-BNW)21.0521.07
19612Amritsar Jn to Jagraon Amritsar - Ajmer Express (ASR-JGN)06.0406.06
19611Ajmer Jn to Amritsar Jn AJMER ASR EXPRESS(AII-ASR)21.0521.07
19580Delhi S Rohilla to Rajkot Jn Delhi Sarai Rohilla - Rajkot Weekly Express(DEE-RJT)17.0017.02
19579Rajkot Jn to Delhi S Rohilla RJT DEE EXPRESS(RJT-DEE)04.5204.54
19416Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra to Ahmedabad Junction Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra - Ahmedabad Express(SVDK-ADI)10:3010:32
19410Gorakhpur Jn to Ahmedabad Jn Gorakhpur - Ahmedabad Express(GKP-ADI)23.4223.44
19409Ahmedabad Jn to Gorakhpur Jn Gorakhpur Exp(ADI-GKP)00.2000.22
15013Jaisalmer to Ramnagar Ranikhet Express(JSM-RMR)15:2515:27
14866Jodhpur Jn to 09.45 Marudhar Expres(JU-BSB)16:4016:42
14865Varanasi Jn to 18.15 Marudhar Expres(BSB-JU)10:5010:52
14864Jodhpur Jn to 09.45 Marudhar Expres(JU-BSB)16:4016:42
14863Varanasi Jn to 18.15 Marudhar Expres(BSB-JU)10:5010:52
14854Jodhpur Jn to Varanasi Junction Marudhar Expres(JU-BSB)16:4016:42
14853Varanasi Jn to 17.20 Marudhar Expres(BSB-JU)10:5010:52
14807Jaipur Junction to Alwar Junction Jaipur - Alwar Express(JP-AWR)10:5811:00
14659Delhi Jn to Barmer DLI JSM EXPRESS(DLI-BME)22:1922:21
14322Bhuj to Bareilly BAREILLY EXPRES(BHUJ-)09.3409.36
14321Bareilly to Bhuj BE BHUJ EXPRESS(BE-BHUJ)16.1016.12
14312Bhuj to Bareilly ALA HAZRAT EXP(BHUJ-)09.3409.36
14311Bareilly to Bhuj Ala Hazrat Express(BE-BHUJ)16.1016.12
12916Delhi to Ahmedabad Jn ASHRAM EXPRESS(-ADI)19.1319.15
12915Ahmedabad Jn to Delhi ASHRAM EXPRESS(ADI-)05.2505.27
12461Old Delhi Junction to Jodhpur Junction Mandore Express(DLI-JU)01:2801:30
12413Ajmer Junction to Jammu Tawi Aii Jat Express(Aii-Jat)17:1417:16
12403Allahabad Junction to Mathura Junction Ald Mtj Express(ALD-MTJ)11:4011:42
12196Ajmer Jn to 15.00 Aii Af Intercit(AII-AF)18:0218:04
12195Agra Fort to 05.05 Af Aii Intercit(AF-AII)08:0508:07
09707Jaipur to Lucknow Ne Jp Ljn Exp(JP-LJN)22:3722:39
03563Asansol Junction to Jaipur Asn Jp Special(ASN-JP)05:06 05:08
02404Jaipur to Mathura Junction Jp Mtj Special(JP-MTJ)16:1716:19
02403Mathura Junction to Jaipur Mtj Jp Special(MTJ-JP)11:4211:44
02263Sealdah to Ajmer Sealdah - Ajmer ACSF (Urs) Special Fare(SDAH-AII)18:3218:34
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Online food delivery in train
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