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Trains Passing through KANPUR CENTRAL
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
01020Lucknow Nr to Mumbai Cst Bbs Cstm Special(LKO-CSTM)21:45 21:55
02111LTT to Lucknow Ne LTT LJN AC SPL(LTT-LJN)11:4011:50
02263Sealdah to Ajmer Sealdah - Ajmer ACSF (Urs) Special Fare(SDAH-AII)09:5010:10
02365Patna Junction to Anand Vihar Trm Anvt Premium(PNBE-ANVT)09:4509:50
02396Anand Vihar Terminal» to Dhanbad Junction• Anand Vihar - Dhanbad SpecialFare SF Special(ANVT-DHN)04:0004:10
03190Anand Vihar Trm to Sealdah Anvt Sdah Superfast Special(ANVT-SDAH)18:50 19:05
03563Asansol Junction to Jaipur Asn Jp Special(ASN-JP)21:05 21:15
04001Allahabad Junction to New Delhi Ald Ndls Ac Spl(ALD-NDLS)17:3517:40
04153Kanpur Central Jn to Mumbai Cst CNB CSTM SPL(CNB-)Starts23.10
04154Mumbai Cst to Kanpur Central Jn CSTM KANPUR SPL(-CNB)00.40Ends
05034Bandra Terminus to Gorakhpur Junction Bdts Gkp Special(BDTS-GKP)07:45 07:50
05036Anand Vihar Trm to Gorakhpur Junction Anvt Gkp Special(ANVT- GKP)19:20 19:30
05286Ajmer Junction to Barauni Junction Aii Bju Special(Aii-Bju)15:35 15:45
08033Santragachi Junction to Anand Vihar Trm Src Anvt Spl(SRC-ANVT)03:5004:00
08034Anand Vihar Trm to Santragachi Junction Anvt Src Spl(ANVT-SRC)21:1021:15
09016Gorakhpur Junction» to Bandra Terminus Gorakhpur - Bandra T. Suvidha Special(GKP-BDTS)14:2514:30
09061Bandra Terminus to Ramnagar Bdts Rmr Express(BDTS-RMR)16:1016:15
09411Ahmedabad Junction to Patna Junction Adi Patna Special(Adi-Pnbe)06:4006:50
09707Jaipur to Lucknow Ne Jp Ljn Exp(JP-LJN)08:5008:55
11015Lokmanyatilak T to Gorakhpur Jn Kushinagar Exp(LTT-GKP)00.1000.20
11016Gorakhpur Jn to Lokmanyatilak T Kushinagar Exp(GKP-LTT)02.1502.25
11079Lokmanya Tilak Terminus to Gorakhpur Junction• Mumbai LTT - Gorakhpur Lokmanya Express(LTT-GKP)15:3515:45
11105Kolkata to Jhansi Junction Pratham S S Exp(KOAA-JHS)03:4004:10
11106Jhansi Junction to Kolkata Pratham S Sngrm(JHS-KOAA)01:0501:30
11109Jhansi Junction to Lucknow Nr Jhs Lko Int Exp(JHS-LKO)10:2010:35
11110Lucknow Nr to Jhansi Junction Lko Jhs Int Exp(LKO-JHS)18:1518:30
11123Barauni Junction to Gwalior Bju Gwl Mail(BJU-GWL)13:3513:45
11124Gwalior to Barauni Junction Gwl Bju Mail(GWL-BJU)18:2018:35
11407Pune Junction to Lucknow Junction NER Pune - Lucknow Jn. Express(PUNE-LJN)01:0001:10
12003Lucknow Nr to New Delhi Lko Swran Shtbd(LKO-NDLS)16:4516:50
12004New Delhi to Lucknow Nr Lko Swran Shtbd(NDLS-LKO)11:2011:25
12033Kanpur Central to New Delhi Cnb Ndls Sht(CNB-NDLS)Starts06:00
12034New Delhi to Kanpur Central Ndls Cnb Sht(NDLS-CNB)20:50Ends
12103Pune Junction to Lucknow Ne Pa Lucknow Exp(PUNE-LJN)15:3515:45
12104Lucknow Ne to Pune Junction Ljn Pune Exp(LJN-PUNE)07:5508:00
12107Lokmanyatilak T to Lucknow Ne Lucknow Sup Exp(LTT-LJN)13.3013.50
12108Lucknow Ne to Lokmanyatilak T Ljn Ltt Express(LJN-LTT)00.1500.20
12143Lokmanyatilak T to Sultanpur Ltt Sln Sup Exp(LTT-SLN)15:4015:45
12144Sultanpur to Lokmanyatilak T Sln Ltt Sf Sp(SLN-LTT)04:1504:25
12173Lokmanyatilak T to Partapgarh Jn Udyog Nagri Exp(LTT-PBH)13.3013.35
12174Partapgarh Jn to Lokmanyatilak T Udyog Nagri Exp(PBH-LTT)07.4008.00
12179Lucknow Ne to Agra Cantt Ljn Agc Intrcit(LJN-AGC)17:2517:30
12180Agra Cantt to Lucknow Ne Ljn Intercity(AGC-LJN)10:1510:20
12183Bhopal Junction to Partapgarh Junction Bpl Pbh Sup Exp(BPL-PBH)04:0004:05
12184Partapgarh Junction to Bhopal Junction Pbh Bpl Express(PBH-BPL)00:1500:20
12209Kanpur Central to Kathgodam Kgm Garib Rath(CNB-KGM)Starts06:15
12210Kathgodam to Kanpur Central Cnb Garib Rath(KGM-CNB)04:35Ends
12225Azamgarh to Delhi Kaifiyat Express(AMH-DLI)00:4500:50
12226Delhi to Azamgarh Kaifiyat Express(DLI-AMH)01:3501:40
12249Howrah Junction» to New Delhi Howrah - New Delhi Yuva Express(HWH-NDLS)06:2006:25
12250New Delhi to Howrah Junction Ndls Hwh Yuva(NDLS-HWH)00:2700:42
12259Sealdah to New Delhi Ndls Duronto(SDAH-NDLS)06:1006:15
12260New Delhi to Sealdah Sdah Duronto Ex(NDLS-SDAH)00:2900:34
12273Howrah Junction to New Delhi Howrah - New Delhi Duronto Express (HWH-NDLS)00:5000:55
12301Howrah Junction to New Delhi Kolkata Rajdhni(HWH-NDLS)04:4504:53
12302New Delhi to Howrah Junction Kolkata Rjdhni(NDLS-HWH)21:3721:42
12303Howrah Junction to New Delhi Poorva Express(HWH-NDLS)00:2700:32
12304New Delhi to Howrah Junction Poorva Express(NDLS-HWH)23:3523:40
12305Howrah Junction to New Delhi Kolkata Rjdhni(HWH-NDLS)04:4504:53
12306New Delhi to Howrah Junction Kolkata Rjdhni(NDLS-HWH)21:3721:42
12307Howrah Junction to Jodhpur Junction Howrah - Jodhpur SF Express (PT)(HWH-JU)15.0015.15
12308Jodhpur Jn to Howrah Jn Jodhpur-Howrah SF Express (PT)(JU-HWH)10:5511:10
12309Rjndr Ngr Bihar to New Delhi Rjpb Rajdhani(RJPB-NDLS)02:3002:35
12310New Delhi to Rjndr Ngr Bihar Rjpb Rajdhani(NDLS-RJPB)21:5722:02
12311Howrah Junction to Kalka Hwh Dli Klk Mai(HWH-KLK)12:3012:40
12312Kalka to Howrah Junction Kalka Mail(KLK-HWH)14:2014:30
12313Sealdah to New Delhi Sdah Rajdhaniex(SDAH-NDLS)05:1005:18
12314New Delhi to Sealdah Sealdah Rjdhani(NDLS-SDAH)21:2021:25
12315Sealdah to Udaipur City Annanya Expres(SDAH-UDZ)06:4506:50
12316Udaipur City to 00.25 Ananya Express(UDZ-SDAH)19:5520:05
12319Kolkata to Agra Cantt Koaa Agc Expres(KOAA-AGC)03:5004:00
12320Agra Cantt to Kolkata Agra Cantt-Kolkata Chitpur SF Express(AGC-KOAA)01:0501:15
12323Howrah Junction to New Delhi Howrah - New Delhi Bi-weekly SF Express (PT)(HWH-NDLS)10:1010:20
12324New Delhi to Howrah Junction Ndls Hwh Expres(NDLS-HWH)13:2013:40
12329Sealdah to Delhi W B Smprk Krnti(SDAH-DLI)03:5004:00
12330Delhi to Sealdah W B Smprk Krnti(DLI-SDAH)01:0501:15
12349Bhagalpur to New Delhi Bgp Ndls Exp(BGP-NDLS)06:4506:50
12350New Delhi to Bhagalpur Ndls Bgp Expres(NDLS-BGP)06:1006:20
12367Bhagalpur Junction to Anand Vihar Terminal Vikramshila Express(BGP-ANVT)01:2801:38
12368Anand Vihar Terminal to Bhagalpur Junction Vikramshila Express(ANVT-BGP)20:2520:35
12379Amritsar Jn to Dhanbad Jn Jalianwalab Exp(ASR-DHN)03.5004.00
12380Amritsar Jn to Dhanbad Jn Jalianwala B Ex(ASR-DHN)01.0501.15
12381Howrah Junction to New Delhi Poorva Express(HWH-NDLS)00:2700:32
12382New Delhi to Howrah Junction Poorva Express(NDLS-HWH)23:3523:40
12394New Delhi to Rjndr Ngr Bihar Sampoorn K Express(NDLS-RJPB)22:5523:03
12395Rejendranagar Terminal to 18.45 ZIYARAT EXPRESS(RJPB-AII)03:3503:43
12396Ajmer Jn to 23.55 Ziyarat Express(AII-RJPB)13:3013:40
12397Gaya Junction to New Delhi Mahabodhi Exp(GAYA-NDLS)22:3522:43
12398New Delhi to Gaya Junction Mahabodhi Exp(NDLS-GAYA)19:0519:10
12401Islampur to New Delhi Magadh Express(IPR-NDLS)03:2003:25
12402New Delhi to Islampur Magadh Express(NDLS-IPR)02:3002:35
12403Allahabad Junction to Mathura Junction Ald Mtj Express(ALD-MTJ)02:1002:15
12404Mathura Junction to Allahabad Junction Mtj Ald Express(MTJ-ALD)02:0002:10
12417Allahabad Junction to New Delhi Prayag Raj Exp(ALD-NDLS)00:0500:15
12418New Delhi to Allahabad Junction Prayag Raj Exp(NDLS-ALD)03:3003:35
12419Lucknow Nr to New Delhi Gomti Exp(LKO-NDLS)06:5507:00
12420New Delhi to Lucknow Nr Gomti Express(NDLS-LKO)19:4519:55
12423Dibrugarh Town to New Delhi Dbrt Rajdhani E(DBRT-NDLS)05:0005:08
12424New Delhi to Dibrugarh Town Dbrt Rajdhani(NDLS-DBRT)18:3418:39
12427Rewa to Anand Vihar Trm Rewa Anvt Express(REWA-ANVT)23:3023:35
12428Anand Vihar Trm to Rewa Anvt Rewa Exp(ANVT-REWA)03:2003:25
12439Ranchi to New Delhi Rnc Ndls Raj Ex(RNC-NDLS)05:4505:50
12440New Delhi to Ranchi Ndls Rnc Raj Ex(NDLS-RNC)21:0021:05
12443Haldia to Anand Vihar Trm Hlz Anvt Wkly S(HLZ-ANVT)03:5004:00
12444Anand Vihar Trm to Haldia Anvt Hlz S F Ex(ANVT-HLZ)01:0501:15
12451Kanpur Central to New Delhi Shram Shkti Exp(CNB-NDLS)Starts23:45
12452New Delhi to Kanpur Central Shram Shkti Exp(NDLS-CNB)06:30Ends
12453Ranchi to New Delhi Rnc Ndls Raj Ex(RNC-NDLS)05:4505:50
12454New Delhi to Ranchi New Delhi-Ranchi Rajdhani Express(NDLS-RNC)21:0021:05
12469Kanpur Central to Jammu Tawi Cnb Jat Express(CNB-JAT)Starts17:15
12470Jammu Tawi to Kanpur Central Jat Cnb Express(JAT-CNB)14:50Ends
12487Jogbani to Anand Vihar Trm Seemanchal Exp(JBN-ANVT)14:1514:25
12488Anand Vihar Trm to Jogbani Seemanchal Exp(ANVT-JBN)13:4513:55
12495Bikaner Jn to 05.20 Bkn Koaa Sup Ex(BKN-KOAA)19:5520:05
12496Kolkata Chitpur to Bikaner Junction Pratap Express(KOAA-BKN)14:0014:15
12501Guwahati to New Delhi Porvotr S Krnti(GHY-NDLS)06:4506:50
12502New Delhi to Guwahati Porvotr S Krnti(NDLS-GHY)06:1006:20
12505Guwahati to Anand Vihar Trm North East Express(GHY-ANVT)12:4012:50
12506Anand Vihar Trm to Guwahati North East Express(ANVT-GHY)12:5013:00
12511Gorakhpur Jn to Trivandrum Central Rapti Sagar Exp(GKP-TVC)13.1713.22
12512Trivandrum Central to Gorakhpur Jn Raptisagar Exp(TVC-GKP)08.1508.20
12521Barauni Jn to Eranakulam Jn Rapti Sagar Express(BJU-ERS)13.1713.22
12522Eranakulam Jn to Barauni Jn Raptisagar Exp(ERS-BJU)08.1508.20
12533Lucknow Ne to Mumbai Cst Pushpak Exp(LJN-CSTM)21.2021.32
12534Mumbai Cst to Lucknow Ne Pushpak Express(CSTM-LJN)06.4507.00
12535Lucknow Ne to Raipur Junction Ljn R Garibrath(LJN-R)16:0516:10
12536Raipur Junction to Lucknow Ne Ljn Garibrath(R-LJN)03:3003:40
12541Gorakhpur Junction to Lokmanyatilak T Gkp Ltt Sup Exp(GKP-LTT)05:2505:35
12542Lokmanyatilak T to Gorakhpur Junction Ltt Gkp Sup Exp(LTT-GKP)09:4509:55
12553Barauni Junction to New Delhi Vaishali Exp(BJU-NDLS)23:5523:59
12554New Delhi to Barauni Junction Vaishali Exp(NDLS-BJU)02:2002:25
12555Gorakhpur Junction to Hisar Gorakdam Expres(GKP-HSR)23:2323:28
12556Hisar to Gorakhpur Junction Gorakdam Expres(HSR-GKP)03:1003:15
12559Varanasi Junction to New Delhi Shiv Ganga Exp(BSB-NDLS)01:1001:15
12560New Delhi to Varanasi Junction Shiv Ganga Exp(NDLS-BSB)00:5000:55
12561Darbhanga Junction to New Delhi Swatantra S Exp(DBG-NDLS)06:1006:15
12562New Delhi to Darbhanga Junction Swatantrta S Ex(NDLS-DBG)02:4502:50
12565Darbhanga Junction to New Delhi Bihar S Kranti(DBG-NDLS)22:4822:58
12566New Delhi to Darbhanga Junction Bihar S Kranti(NDLS-DBG)20:1520:20
12569Jaynagar to Delhi Anand Vihar Termina Jaynagar - Anand Vihar Garib Rath Express(JYG-ANVT)02:5503:00
12570Anand Vihar Trm to Jaynagar Jyg Garib Rath(ANVT-JYG)22:1222:17
12581Manduadih to New Delhi Manduadih - New Delhi SF Express(MUV-NDLS)04:1504:20
12582New Delhi to Manduadih New Delhi - Manduadih SF Express(NDLS-MUV)04:5505:00
12589Gorakhpur Jn to Secunderabad Jn Gkp Sc Express(GKP-SC)13.1713.22
12590Secunderabad Jn to Gorakhpur Jn Gorakhpur Exp(SC-GKP)08.1508.20
12591Gorakhpur Jn to Yesvantpur Jn Gkp Sbc Express(GKP-YPR)13.1713.22
12593Lucknow Ne to Bhopal Junction Ljn Bpl G R(LJN-BPL)00:3000:40
12594Bhopal Junction to Lucknow Ne Ljn Garib Rath(BPL-LJN)08:1508:20
12801Puri to New Delhi Purushottam Exp(PURI-NDLS)22:1522:20
12802New Delhi to Puri Purshottam Exp(NDLS-PURI)04:5004:55
12815Puri to New Delhi Nandan Kanan Ex(PURI-NDLS)10:1010:20
12816New Delhi to Puri Nandan Kanan Ex(NDLS-PURI)12:2012:30
12817Hatia to Anand Vihar Trm Jharkhand Sj Ex(HTE-ANVT)07:2007:25
12818Anand Vihar Trm to Hatia Jharkhand Expre(ANVT-HTE)01:4501:50
12819Bhubaneswar to New Delhi Orissa S Kranti(BBS-NDLS)13:4013:55
12820New Delhi to Bhubaneswar Orissa S Krnti(NDLS-BBS)13:1513:30
12825Ranchi to New Delhi Jhrkhnd S Krant(RNC-NDLS)13:4013:55
12826New Delhi to Ranchi Jhrkhnd S Krnti(NDLS-RNC)13:1513:30
12873Hatia to Anand Vihar Trm Jharkhand S J E(HTE-ANVT)07:2007:25
12874Anand Vihar Trm to Hatia Jharkhand Exp(ANVT-HTE)01:4501:50
12875Puri to New Delhi Neelachal Exp(PURI-NDLS)15:2015:25
12876New Delhi to Puri Neelachal Exp(NDLS-PURI)12:3012:40
12877Ranchi to New Delhi Rnc Garib Rath(RNC-NDLS)05:4505:50
12878New Delhi to Ranchi Ndls Rnc G Rath(NDLS-RNC)21:0021:05
12937Gandhidham Jn to Howrah Junction Garbha Express(GIMB-HWH)19:5520:05
12938Howrah Jn to Gandhidham Bg Garbha Express(HWH-GIMB)14:0014:15
12941Bhavnagar Terminus to 17.30 Bvc Asansol Exp(BVC-ASN)19:5520:05
12942Asansol Jn to 19.50 Parasnath Exp(ASN-BVC)08:0008:15
12943Valsad to Kanpur Central Udyogkarmi Exp(BL-CNB)19:10Ends
12944Kanpur Central to Valsad Udhyogkarmi Exp(CNB-BL)Starts08:00
12947Ahmedabad Jn to Patna Junction Azimabad Express(ADI-PNBE)18:5019:05
12948Patna Jn to Ahmedabad Junction Azimabad Express(PNBE-ADI)08:0008:15
12987Sealdah to Ajmer Junction Sealdah-Ajmer Express(SDAH-AII)15:0515:10
13007Howrah Jn to 09.35 U Abhatoofan Ex(HWH-SGNR)08:2508:40
13008Shri Ganganagar to 21.00 U A Toofan Exp(SGNR-KLK)18:2518:48
13111Kolkata to Giridih Lal Quila Exp(KOAA-GRD)18:5519:05
13112Delhi to Kolkata Lal Quila Exp(DLI-KOAA)06:4006:50
13131Kolkata Chitpur to Delhi Anand Vihar Terminal Kolkata - Anand Vihar T. Express(KOAA-ANVT)23:0523:15
13132Anand Vihar Trm to Kolkata Anvt Koaa Express(ANVR-KOAA)03:4003:50
13167Kolkata Chitpur to Agra Cantt Kolkata Chitpur - Agra Cantt Express(KOAA-AGC)07:5007:55
13168Agra Cantt to Kolkata Agc Koaa Express(Agc-Koaa)12:3312:40
13237Patna Junction to Kota Junction Pnbe Kota Express(PNBE-KOTA)01:2501:32
13238Kota Junction to Patna Junction Kota Pnbe Express(KOTA-PNBE)04:2004:30
13239Patna Junction to Kota Junction Pnbe Kota Exp(PNBE-KOTA)01:2001:32
13240Kota Junction to Patna Junction Kota-Patna Express(KOTA-PNBE)04:2004:30
13413Malda Town to Delhi Farakka Express(MLDT-DLI)21:0521:15
13414Delhi to Malda Town Farkka Express(DLI-MLDT)05:3005:45
13483Malda Town to Delhi Farakka Express(MLDT-DLI)21:0521:15
13484Delhi to Malda Town Farakka Express(DLI-MLDT)05:3005:45
14005Sitamarhi to Anand Vihar Trm Lichchavi Exp(SMI-ANVT)22:0022:05
14006Anand Vihar Trm to Sitamarhi Lichchavi Exp(ANVT-SMI)23:2023:30
14055Dibrugarh to Delhi Brahmputra Mail(DBRG-DLI)21:5021:55
14056Delhi to Dibrugarh Brahmputra Mail(DLI-DBRG)05:4505:55
14113Allahabad Junction to Dehradun Link Express (Sangam Slip)(ALD-DDN)21:2021:25
14114Dehradun to Allahabad Junction Link Express(DDN-ALD)04:1004:20
14152 Anand Vihar Trm to Kanpur Central Anand Vihar - Kanpur Weekly Express( ANVT- CNB)07:30Ends
14153Kanpur Central to Amritsar Junction CNB ASR EXP(CNB-ASR)First17.15
14154Amritsar Jn to Kashipur Jn ASR CNB EXPRESS(ASR-KPV)05.05Last
14155Kanpur Central to Jammu Tawi Kanpur - Jammu Tawi Express (CNB-JAT)StartsEnds
14156Jammu Tawi to Kanpur Central Jammu Tawi - Kanpur Express(JAT-CNB)13:55Ends
14163Allahabad Junction to Dehradun Sangam Express(ALD-DDN)21:2021:25
14164Meerut City to Allahabad Junction Sangam Exp(MTC-ALD)04:1004:20
14217Allahabad Junction to Chandigarh Unchahar Exp(ALD-CDG)20:0520:30
14218Chandigarh to Allahabad Junction Unchahar Exp(CDG-ALD)05:0505:30
14723Kanpur Central to Bhiwani Kalindi Express(CNB-BNW)Starts17:05
14724Bhiwani to Kanpur Central Kalindi Express(BNW-CNB)11:10Ends
14853Varanasi Jn to 17.20 Marudhar Expres(BSB-JU)01:5502:00
14854Jodhpur Jn to Varanasi Junction Marudhar Expres(JU-BSB)01:2001:25
14863Varanasi Jn to 18.15 Marudhar Expres(BSB-JU)01:5502:00
14864Jodhpur Jn to 09.45 Marudhar Expres(JU-BSB)01:2001:25
14865Varanasi Jn to 18.15 Marudhar Expres(BSB-JU)01:5502:00
14866Jodhpur Jn to 09.45 Marudhar Expres(JU-BSB)01:2001:25
15003Kanpur Anwrganj to Gorakhpur Junction Chaurichauraexp(CPA-GKP)17:0017:30
15004Gorakhpur Junction to Kanpur Anwrganj Chaurichauraexp(GKP-CPA)11:4511:55
15009Lucknow Ne to Jabalpur Chitrakut Exp(LJN-JBP)19:0519:15
15010Jabalpur to Lucknow Ne Chitrakut Exp(JBP-LJN)07:5508:05
15015Gorakhpur Junction to Yesvantpur Junction Gkp Ypr Express(GKP-YPR)13:1713:22
15016Yesvantpur Junction to Gorakhpur Junction Ypr Gorakpur Ex(YPR-GKP)05:5006:15
15023Gorakhpur Jn to Yesvantpur Jn Gorakhpur - Yesvantpur Express(GKP-YPR)17.5518.05
15024Yesvantpur Junction to Gorakhpur Junction Ypr Gkp Exp(YPR-GKP)19:0519:15
15025Mau Junction to Delhi Anand Vihar Terminal Mau - Delhi Anand ViharT Express(MAU-ANVT)21:3521:45
15026Anand Vihar Trm to Mau Junction Anvt Mau Express( ANVT- MAU)19:1519:30
15029Gorakhpur Junction to Pune Junction Gorakhpur - Pune Weekly Express(GKP-PUNE)00:3000:40
15030Pune Junction to Gorakhpur Junction Pune - Gorakhpur Weekly Express(PUNE -GKP)14:3514:45
15045Gorakhpur Jn to Okha Gkp Okha Expres(GKP-OKHA)12.0512.20
15046Okha to Gorakhpur Jn Gorakhpur Exp(OKHA-GKP)11.5012.05
15101Chhapra Junction to Mumbai CST Chhapra-Mumbai Jansadharan Express (CPR-CSTM)07:5508:00
15102Mumbai CST to Chhapra Junction Mumbai CST - Chhapra Jansadharan Express (CSTM-CPR)16:5517:15
15107Chhapra to Mathura Junction Cpr Mtj Express(CPR-MTJ)15:0515:15
15108Mathura Junction to Chhapra Mtj Cpr Express(MTJ-CPR)05:5506:00
15269Muzaffarpur Jn to 21.20 JANSADHARAN EXP(MFP-ADI)12.0512.20
15270Ahmedabad Jn to 16.30 JANSADHARAN EXP(ADI-MFP)13.4013.50
15483Alipur Duar Junction to Delhi Mahananda Exp(APDJ-DLI)12:1512:25
15484Delhi to Alipur Duar Junction Mahananda Exp(DLI-APDJ)15:1215:20
15631Barmer to 22.45 Bme Ghy Express(BME-GHY)18:5019:05
15632Guwahati to Bikaner Junction Ghy Bme Bkn Exp(GHY-BKN)14.0014.15
15635Okha to Guwahati Guwahati Expres(OKHA-GHY)19:0019:30
15636Guwahati to 10.45 Dwarka Express(GHY-OKHA)19:2019:30
15667Gandhidham Jn to 13.15 Kamakhya Express(GIMB-KYQ)19:0019:30
15668Kamakhya Jn to 11.00 Kyq Gimb Expres(KYQ-GIMB)19:2019:30
15707Amritsar Jn to Delhi Shahdara Jn Kir Asr Express(ASR-DSA)19.5020.00
15708Amritsar Jn to Delhi Shahdara Jn Asr Kir Express(ASR-DSA)22.4523.00
16093Chennai Central to Lucknow Nr Lucknow Exp(MAS-LKO)19:0519:15
16094Lucknow Ne to Chennai Central Ljn Mas Exp(LJN-MAS)17.5518.05
18101Amritsar Jn to Jammu Tawi Tatanagar-Jammu Tawi MURI Express(TATA-JAT)12.2012.30
18102Jammu Tawi to Tatanagar Junction Jammu Tawi - Tatanagar(JAT-TATA)12:4012:50
18109Amritsar Jn to Tatisilwai Rou Muri Jat Ex(ASR-TIS)12.2012.30
18110Amritsar Jn (RL) to Tatisilwai Jat Muri Rou Ex(ASR-TIS)12.4012.50
18191Chhapra to Farrukhabad Utsarg Exp(CPR-FBD)09:2009:35
18192Farrukhabad to Chhapra Utsarg Exp(FBD-CPR)16:4017:00
18203Durg to Kanpur Central Betwa Express(DURG-CNB)13:05Ends
18204Kanpur Central to Durg Betwa Express(CNB-DURG)Starts18:20
18631Ranchi to 20.10 Rnc Garibnwaz E(RNC-AII)15:2015:35
18632Ajmer Jn to 19.30 Rnc Garib Nawaz(AII-RNC)07:3007:45
19021Bandra Terminus to Lucknow Junction NER Mumbai Bandra T - Lucknow Weekly Express(BDTS-LJN)18:4018:50
19022Lucknow Junction NER to Bandra Terminus Lucknow Jn.- Mumbai Bandra T. Weekly Express(LJN-BDTS )01:3501:50
19037Bandra Terminus to Gorakhpur Junction Avadh Express(BDTS-GKP)04:3504:45
19038Gorakhpur Jn to Bandra Terminus Avadh Express(GKP-BDTS)22:3022:35
19039Bandra Terminus to Muzaffarpur Jn Avadh Express(BDTS-MFP)04:3504:45
19040Muzaffarpur Jn to Bandra Terminus Avadh Express(MFP-BDTS)22:3022:35
19053Surat to Muzaffarpur Jn St Mfp Express(ST-MFP)11.5012.05
19054Muzaffarpur Jn to Surat Mfp St Express(MFP-ST)12.0512.20
19061Bandra Terminus to Ramnagar Ramnagar Express(BDTS-RMR)08:4508:55
19165Ahmedabad Jn to Darbhanga Jn Sabarmati Exp(ADI-DBG)23.1023.20
19166Darbhanga Jn to Ahmedabad Jn Sabarmati Exp(DBG-ADI)01.0201.10
19167Ahmedabad Jn to Varanasi Jn Sabarmati Exp(ADI-BSB)23.1023.20
19168Varanasi Jn to Ahmedabad Jn Sabarmati Exp(BSB-ADI)01.0201.10
19313Indore Jn Bg to Patna Jn Indb Patna Exp(INDB-PNBE)04.0004.05
19314Rejendranagar Terminal to Indore Jn Indore Express(RJPB-INDB)00.3000.40
19321Indore Junction BG to Rajendra Nagar Terminal Indore-Rajendranagar Express (via Faizabad)(INDB-RJPB)04.0004.05
19321Indore Junction BG to Rajendra Nagar Terminal Indore-Rajendranagar Express (via Faizabad)(INDB-RJPB)04:0004:05
19322Rejendranagar Terminal to Indore Jn Rjpb Indb Expre(RJPB-INDB)00.3000.40
19401Ahmedabad Junction to Lucknow Charbagh NR Ahmedabad - Lucknow Weekly Express(ADI-LKO)12:3512;55
19402Lucknow Charbagh NR to Ahmedabad Junction Lucknow - Ahmedabad Weekly Express(LKO-ADI)00:3000:45
19409Ahmedabad Jn to Gorakhpur Jn Gorakhpur Exp(ADI-GKP)11.5012.20
19410Gorakhpur Jn to Ahmedabad Jn Gorakhpur - Ahmedabad Express(GKP-ADI)12.0512.10
19569Okha to 13.45 Okha Bsb Expres(OKHA-BSB)19:5520:05
19570Varanasi Jn to Okha Bsb Okha Express(BSB-OKHA)03:3503:43
19709Jaipur to Kamakhya Kavi Guru Express(JP-KYQ)11:5012:20
19710Kamakhya to Jaipur Kyq Jp Kaviguru(KYQ-JP)04:1504:25
19716Lucknow Junction NER to Jaipur Junction Lucknow Jn. - Jaipur (Tri-weekly) Express(LJN-JP)13:5013:55
22308Bikaner Jn to 18.45 Bkn Hwh Supfast(BKN-HWH)10:5511:10
22405Bhagalpur to Anand Vihar Trm Bgp Garib Rath(BGP-ANVT)02:5503:00
22406Anand Vihar Trm to Bhagalpur Anvt Bgp G Rath(ANVT-BGP)22:1222:17
22409Sasaram to Anand Vihar Trm Anvt Garib Rath(SSM-ANVT)03:5004:00
22410Anand Vihar Trm to Gaya Gaya Garib Rath(ANVT-GAYA)01:0501:15
22411Naharlagun to New Delhi Naharlagun - New Delhi AC SF Express(NHLN-NDLS)06:1006:20
22412New Delhi to Naharlagun New Delhi - Naharlagun AC SF Express(NDLS-NHLN)20:5020:55
22441Allahabad Junction to Kanpur Central Cnb Intercity(ALD-CNB)21:40Ends
22442Kanpur Central to Allahabad Junction Ald Intercity(CNB-ALD)Starts06:30
22443Kanpur Central to Bandra Terminus Kanpur Central - Mumbai Bandra T Weekly SF Express(CNB-BDTS)Starts18:15
22444Bandra Terminus to Kanpur Central Mumbai Bandra T - Kanpur Central Weekly SF Express(BDTS-CNB)08:35Ends
22446Amritsar Junction to Kanpur Central Amritsar - Kanpur Weekly Express(ASR-CNB)04:50Ends
22487Radhikapur to Anand Vihar Trm Rdp Anvt Link Express(RDP-ANVT)14:1514:25
22488Anand Vihar Trm to Radhikapur Anvt Rdp Link(ANVT-RDP)13:45 13:55
22805Bhubaneswar to New Delhi Bbs Ndls Sup Ex(BBS-NDLS)13:4513:55
22806New Delhi to Bhubaneswar Ndls Bbs Sup Ex(NDLS-BBS)13:1513:30
22811Bhubaneswar to New Delhi Bbs Rajdhani Ex(BBS-NDLS)05:2005:28
22812New Delhi to Bhubaneswar Bubneswr Rjdhni(NDLS-BBS)21:4721:52
22823Bhubaneswar to New Delhi Bbs Rajdhani Ex(BBS-NDLS)05:2005:28
22824New Delhi to Bhubaneswar Bubneswr Rjdhni(NDLS-BBS)21:4721:52
24227Varanasi Junction to Kanpur Central Varuna Express(BSB-CNB)11:35Ends
24228Kanpur Central to Varanasi Junction Varuna Exp(CNB-BSB)Starts16:00
25631Bikaner Jn to 00.05 Bkn Ghy Express(BKN-GHY)18:5019:05
59386Amritsar Jn to Indore Jn Panchvalley Pa(ASR-INDB)00:1000:20
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