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Trains Passing through ACHARYA NARENDRA DEV
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
13009Howrah Junction to Kotdwara Doon Express(HWH-KTW)14:2214:23
13010Dehradun to Howrah Junction Doon Express(DDN-HWH)11:1911:21
13151Kolkata to Jammu Tawi Jammu Tawi Exp(KOAA-JAT)06:0406:05
13152Jammu Tawi to Kolkata Kolkata Express(JAT-KOAA)20:3420:36
13307Dhanbad Junction to Firozpur Cant Gangasutlej Exp(DHN-FZR)10:1910:20
13308Firozpur Cant to Dhanbad Junction Gangasatluj Exp(FZR-DHN)15:0415:06
13483Malda Town to Delhi Farakka Express(MLDT-DLI)15:3915:40
13484Delhi to Malda Town Farakka Express(DLI-MLDT)10:2410:26
23010Kotdwara to Howrah Junction Doon Exxpress(KTW-HWH)11:1911:21
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Online food delivery in train
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