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Trains Passing through ABU ROAD
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
02207Ahmedabad Junction to Jammu Tawi Adi Jat Gr Special(ADI-JAT)18:3518:45
04511Bandra Terminus to Chandigarh Cdg Superfast Special(BDTS-CDG)23:34 23:44
04803Bhagat Ki Kothi to Bandra Terminus Bhagat Ki Kothi - Bandra Terminus SpecialFare Special(BGKT-BDTS)15:5016:00
06511Yesvantpur Jn to Jaipur Jn YPR JP EXP(YPR-JP)20.0520.15
06512Jaipur Jn to Yesvantpur Jn YPR G RATH SPL(JP-YPR)22.0022.10
08422Ajmer Junction to Puri Aii Puri Express(AII-PURI)21:50 22:00
09007Mumbai Central to Bikaner Junction Bct Bikaner Special(BCT-BKN)01:00 01:10
09045Bandra Terminus to Jaisalmer Bdts Jsm Special(BDTS-JSM)02:40 02:50
09054Jodhpur Junction to Valsad Bgkt Bct Special(JU-BL)21:5022:00
09205Bhavnagar to Jamu Tawi BHAVNAGAR TRMUS to JAMMU TAWI(BVC-JAT)01:081:18
09642Bandra Terminus to Ajmer Junction Bdts Aii Special(BDTS-AII)13:40 13:50
09732Bandra Terminus to Jaipur Bdts Jp Special(BDTS-JP)12:25 12:35
11089Bhagat Ki Kothi to Pune Jn BGKTPUNE EXPRES(BGKT-PUNE)10.0610.25
11090Pune Jn to Bhagat Ki Kothi PUNE JODHPUR EX(PUNE-BGKT)12.2412.34
12215Delhi S Rohilla to Bandra Terminus DEE BDTS G RATH(DEE-BDTS)21.0821.15
12216Bandra Terminus to Delhi S Rohilla DEE GARIBRATH(BDTS-DEE)23.4223.50
12479Jodhpur Jn to Bandra Terminus SURYANAGRI EXPRESS(JU-BDTS)23.1023.15
12480Bandra Terminus to Jodhpur Jn SURYANAGARI EXP(BDTS-JU)01.3001.40
12547Agra Fort to 22.15 Af Adi Sf Exp(AF-ADI)09.1509.25
12548Ahmedabad Jn to 16.55 Agra Super Fast(ADI-AF)21.0021.12
12915Ahmedabad Jn to Delhi ASHRAM EXPRESS(ADI-)21.5522.05
12916Delhi to Ahmedabad Jn ASHRAM EXPRESS(-ADI)03.2003.30
12957Ahmedabad Jn to New Delhi Swarna J Raj Ex(ADI-NDLS)20.4520.50
12958New Delhi to Ahmedabad Jn Adi Sj Rajdhani(NDLS-ADI)06.0106.05
12989Dadar to Ajmer Jn AJMER EXPRESS(-AII)02.4002.50
12990Ajmer Jn to Dadar AII DDR EXPRES(AII-)00.2500.30
14311Bareilly to Bhuj Ala Hazrat Express(BE-BHUJ)00.5501.05
14312Bhuj to Bareilly ALA HAZRAT EXP(BHUJ-)00.2500.35
14321Bareilly to Bhuj BE BHUJ EXPRESS(BE-BHUJ)00.5501.05
14322Bhuj to Bareilly BAREILLY EXPRES(BHUJ-)00.2500.35
14707Bikaner Jn to Bandra Terminus RANAKPUR EXPRES(BKN-BDTS)19.3019.40
14708Bandra Terminus to Bikaner Jn RANAKPUR EXPRES(BDTS-BKN)04.1504.25
15269Muzaffarpur Jn to 21.20 JANSADHARAN EXP(MFP-ADI)04.1504.25
15270Ahmedabad Jn to 16.30 JANSADHARAN EXP(ADI-MFP)20.0520.15
16125Chennai Egmore to Jodhpur Jn MS JODHPUR EXPRESS(MS-JU)05:5806:08
16126Jodhpur Jn to Chennai Egmore JU MS EXPRESS(JU-MS)02.0002.10
16209Ajmer Jn to Mysore Jn AII MYS EXPRESS(AII-MYS)10.0610.25
16210Mysore Jn to Ajmer Jn AJMER EXPRESS(MYS-AII)11.4511.55
16311Bikaner Jn to Kochuveli BKN KCVL EXPRES(BKN-KCVL)06.4006.50
16312Kochuveli to Bikaner Jn BIKANER EXPRESS(KCVL-BKN)11.4511.55
16507Bhagat Ki Kothi to Bangalore City Jn BGKT SBC EXPRESS(BGKT-SBC)10.0610.25
16508Bangalore City Jn to Bhagat Ki Kothi JODHPUR EXPRESS(SBC-BGKT)11.4511.55
16531Ajmer Jn to Bangalore Cy Jn SBC GARIB NAWAJ(AII-)10.0610.25
16532Bangalore City Jn to Ajmer Jn Bengaluru City - Ajmer Garib Nawaz Express(SBC-AII)11.4511.55
16533Bhagat Ki Kothi to Bangalore Cy Jn BGKT SBC EXPRES(BGKT-)10.0610.25
16534Bangalore City Jn to Bhagat Ki Kothi SBC JODHPUR EXP(SBC-BGKT)11.4511.55
16587Yesvantpur Junction to Bikaner Junction YPR BKN EXPRESS(YPR-BKN)20:1720:27
16588Bikaner Junction to Yesvantpur Junction Bikaner - Yesvantpur Express(BKN-YPR)07:5508:05
17037Secunderabad Jn to Bikaner Jn SC BKN EXP(SC-BKN)05.5506.05
17038Bikaner Jn to Secunderabad Jn BKN SC EXP(BKN-SC)02.0002.10
17623Hazur Sahib Nanded to Bikaner Junction Hazur Sahib Nanded - Bikaner Weekly Express(NED-BKN )08:4508:55
18421Puri to Ajmer Jn PURI AJMER EXP(PURI-AII)15.3515.48
18422Ajmer Jn to Puri Ajmer - Puri Bi-Weekly Express(AII-PURI)21.5022.00
19027Bandra Terminus to Jammu Tawi VIVEK EXPRESS(BDTS-JAT)23.4223.50
19028Jammu Tawi to Bandra Terminus VIVEK EXPRESS(JAT-BDTS)08.3508.50
19029Bandra Terminus to Delhi S Rohilla BDTS DEE EXPRES(BDTS-DEE)01.0001.10
19030Delhi S Rohilla to Bandra Terminus DEE BDTS EXPRESS(DEE-BDTS)04.1504.25
19031Ahmedabad Jn to Haridwar Jn HARIDWAR MAIL(ADI-HW)14.4014.50
19032Haridwar Jn to Ahmedabad Jn HW ADI MAIL(HW-ADI)11.4511.55
19032Haridwar Jn to Ahmedabad Jn HW ADI MAIL(HW-ADI)11:45 11:55
19055Valsad to Jodhpur Jn BL JODHPUR EXP(BL-JU)08.4508.55
19056Jodhpur Jn to Valsad JU BL EXPRESS(JU-BL)21.5022.00
19065Bandra Terminus to Bhagat Ki Kothi BDTS JODHPUR EX(BDTS-BGKT)12.2412.34
19066Bhagat Ki Kothi to Bandra Terminus BGKT BDTS EXP(BGKT-BDTS)00.2500.30
19105Ahmedabad Jn to Haridwar Jn HARIDWAR MAIL(ADI-HW)14.4014.50
19106Haridwar Jn to Ahmedabad Jn HW ADI MAIL(HW-ADI)11.4511.55
19107Ahmedabad Junction to Udhampur Ahmedabad-Udhampur Janmabhoomi Express(ADI-UHP )12.2512.35
19107Ahmedabad Junction to Udhampur Ahmedabad-Udhampur Janmabhoomi Express(ADI-UHP )12:2512:35
19108Udhampur to Ahmedabad Junction Udhampur-Ahmedabad Janmabhoomi Express(UHP-ADI)02.0002.10
19223Ahmedabad Jn to Jammu Tawi ADI JAT EXPRESS(ADI-JAT)15.1515.25
19224Jammu Tawi to Ahmedabad Jn JAT ADI EXPRESS(JAT-ADI)10.3010.50
19263Porbandar to Delhi S Rohilla DELHI SR EXPRES(PBR-DEE)05.3005.40
19264Delhi S Rohilla to Porbandar DEE PORBNDR EXP(DEE-PBR)21.5022.00
19269Porbandar to Muzaffarpur Jn Pbr Motihari Ex(PBR-MFP)05.3005.40
19270Muzaffarpur Jn to Porbandar Pbr Express(MFP-PBR)02.3502.45
19401Ahmedabad Junction to Lucknow Charbagh NR Ahmedabad - Lucknow Weekly Express(ADI-LKO)15:3515:48
19402Lucknow Charbagh NR to Ahmedabad Junction Lucknow - Ahmedabad Weekly Express(LKO-ADI)22:2522:35
19403Ahmedabad Jn to Sultanpur Sultanpur Exp(ADI-SLN)10.2210.35
19404Sultanpur to Ahmedabad Jn Sln Adi Exp(SLN-ADI)18.5019.00
19407Ahmedabad Jn to Varanasi Jn Bsb Express(ADI-BSB)01.0001.10
19408Varanasi Jn to Ahmedabad Jn Bsb Adi Exp(BSB-ADI)18.5019.00
19409Ahmedabad Jn to Gorakhpur Jn Gorakhpur Exp(ADI-GKP)15.3515.48
19410Gorakhpur Jn to Ahmedabad Jn Gorakhpur - Ahmedabad Express(GKP-ADI)08.3508.50
19411Ahmedabad Jn to Ajmer Jn AJMER INTERCITY(ADI-AII)12.5513.02
19412Ajmer Jn to Ahmedabad Jn INTERCITY EXP(AII-ADI)11.0711.17
19413Ahmedabad Jn to Kolkata Kolkata Express(ADI-KOAA)10.2210.35
19414Kolkata to Ahmedabad Jn Koaa Adi Expres(KOAA-ADI)14.4014.50
19415Ahmedabad Junction to Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra Ahmedabad - Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra Express(ADI-SVDK)23:0523:15
19416Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra to Ahmedabad Junction Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra - Ahmedabad Express(SVDK-ADI)19:0019:13
19565Okha to Dehradun Uttaranchal Exp(OKHA-DDN)20.0520.15
19566Dehradun to Okha Uttaranchal Express(DDN-OKHA)02.3502.45
19573Okha to Jaipur Junction Okha Jaipur Weekly Express(OKHA-JP)07.0007.10
19573Okha to Jaipur Junction Okha Jaipur Weekly Express(OKHA-JP)07:0007:10
19574Jaipur Jn to Okha JP OKHA EXP(JP-OKHA)00.2500.30
19579Rajkot Jn to Delhi S Rohilla RJT DEE EXPRESS(RJT-DEE)20.0520.15
19580Delhi S Rohilla to Rajkot Jn Delhi Sarai Rohilla - Rajkot Weekly Express(DEE-RJT)02.3502.45
19604Sultanpur to Ahmedabad Junction Sln Aii Express(SLN-ADI)18:46 18:56
19605Kolkata Chitpur to Ahmedabad Junction Sare Jahan Se Accha Express(KOAA-ADI)14:4214:52
19606Ahmedabad Junction to Kolkata Adi Koaa Express(Adi-Koaa)10:28 10:40
19707Bandra Terminus to Jaipur ARAVALI EXPRESS(BDTS-)09.5510.10
19708Jaipur to Bandra Terminus ARAVALI EXPRESS(-BDTS)16.4516.55
19801Kota Junction to Indore Junction Kota - Indore Intercity Express(KOTA-INDB)01:5002:00
22451Bandra Terminus to Chandigarh CDG SUP FAST(BDTS-CDG)23.4223.50
22452Chandigarh to Bandra Terminus CDG BDTS SF EXP(CDG-BDTS)21.0821.15
22473Bikaner Jn to Bandra Terminus BKN BDTS SF EXP(BKN-BDTS)00.2500.30
22474Bandra Terminus to Bikaner Jn BDTS BKN SUP EX(BDTS-BKN)02.4002.50
22475Bikaner Jn to Coimbatore Jn BKN CBE AC S F(BKN-CBE)15.4515.55
22476Coimbatore Jn to Bikaner Jn BIKANER AC EXP(CBE-BKN)05.2805.38
22915Bandra Terminus to Hisar Jn BDTS HSR SF EXP(BDTS-HSR)01.0001.10
22916Hisar Jn to Bandra Terminus HSR BDTS S F EX(HSR-BDTS)04.1504.25
22931Bandra Terminus to Jaisalmer BDTS JSM EXP(BDTS-JSM)02.4002.50
22932Jaisalmer to Bandra Terminus Jsm Bdts Superfast(JSM-BDTS)04:3004:40
54803Jodhpur Jn to Ahmedabad Jn JU ADI PASS(JU-ADI)15.4516.10
54804Ahmedabad Jn to Jodhpur Jn ADI JU PASS(ADI-JU)11.5012.15
54805Ahmedabad Jn to Jaipur Jn JAIPUR PASSENGE(ADI-JP)05.4506.18
54806Jaipur to Ahmedabad Jn JP ADI PASSNGER(-ADI)18.2518.45
79437Mahesana Jn to Abu Road MSH ABR DMU(MSH-ABR)20.30Ends
79438Abu Road to Mahesana Jn ABR MSH DMU(ABR-MSH)Starts05.00
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