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Railroad Minister Suresh Prabhu indicated enthusiasm for Caterpillar train, rail route engineer, approached

Caterpillar to comprehend the idea of the train by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu Kumar Upadhyay railroad engineer who made it met with. Caterpillar engineers met Railway Minister Ashwani Kumar Upadhyay, train them to know about every one of the elements. Caterpillar train idea for conveying the arrangement commission Railway Minister coordinated authorities. Caterpillars make model of the idea of railroad train railroad engineer must guarantee Kumar Upadhyay said. A remarkable answer for urban transport, the caterpillars have been known not at the widely acclaimed fresh out of the plastic new transport idea Mesachuset Institute of Technology, or MIT Technical Institute is likewise fixed. Kumar Upadhyay officer caterpillar train in railroad Aiartis idea well known in the MIT Climate Kolab challenge and Judge’s Choice class have been chosen in both the earlier month. Came the possibility of ​​caterpillar train In the wake of meeting with the clergyman Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay architects were excited. The caterpillar train transport Indian urban areas will change totally. Caterpillar prepare last mile network is unmatched. As indicated by him, when he came into his psyche the possibility of ​​caterpillar train in Singapore on a grant to MIT exploration were finished. Here he met was an American

2016 Important Updates for Train Travelers

All the trains and the tracks leading to the shrine Discharge shall be free. All the trains on these routes will be putting Bio toilet. The excrement will not fall on the track. In this connection today Manmduri first green corridor that runs between Rameswaram and would put all TRAINS New Green Toilet. About 114 kilometers of the route that ran across all TRAINS New Bio toilet felt. Around 10 passenger trains on this route, which runs nearly 286 coaches will get this feature. Following this route Okha – Knalas Vanshjalia about 141 km from Porbandar, about 34 kilometers along the nearly 78-km route from Jammu to Katra Bio toilet be engaged, which will be held in 1110 Bio toilet pigeon hole. The first stage is to try to train religious site in the routes followed by the rest of the facility is to be taxed at the root. For this route food delivery in train Facility is also available for train Passenger right  at their seat you can book your meal online using a website call 08824088088   देश के धार्मिक स्थल को जाने वाली सभी ट्रेनों और पटरियों डीस्चार्ज फ्री होंगी। इन रुटों की तरफ जाने वाली सभी