Rngegi shading advertisements in trains soon

Rail trains running on the tracks soon colored promotions will be seen. Possibly in the coming days to prepare more individuals for the sake of the organization. For example, if the Aaj Tak vinyl promoting took the train a capital, then the date of the channel will have an extensive commercial. This Mumbai Rajdhani “Individuals” Today the capital called will learn.

The vinyl covering on railroad prepares and promoting to have an open delicate. In the main stage the organization has opened 20 trains. The six-way bundles are offered to organizations. The delicate will be for a long time.
1: century and twofold decker trains (Central Railway)
1 crore 86 lakh for each annum at these store cost has been kept.

2: AC superfast expedited delivery and super quick prepares (Central Railway)
Hold cost of Rs 96 lakh for every annum to 7 million of them have been kept.
3: The capital of Western Railway trains
Hold cost of Rs 53 lakh for every annum for these 5 million has been reserved.

4: century and twofold decker trains (Western Railway)
At these store cost of Rs 2 crore 55 lakh has been kept.

5: Western Railway trains Contact Revolution
Their store cost of Rs 1 crore 13 lakh has been kept.

6: Western Railway’s superfast mail and express prepares
At these 5 million store cost of Rs 77 lakh for every annum is kept up.

Three hundred crore yearly income
Proposals for non-toll income under Directorate trains in many parts of the nation have not an organization is to be sold to glue the promotions. Under this plan, it is required to prepare three hundred crore yearly income will. The main period of the Central and Western Railway, 20 trains have been set up for e-delicate.

Numerous organizations are taking interest
Through e-offering organizations will offer up to the store value, the most astounding offer will, he will discover related train contract for a long time. The last date of recording the delicate is September 3. As per a high authority of the Ministry of Railways Railway Several understood organizations intrigued by the delicate said.

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