Train Journey Never So Happier with TravelZaika
Train Journey Never So Happier with TravelZaika
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Having Great Food in Train ?
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Offices that don’t meet the train, they would no more dependable Prabhu

Highlights required in trains has been responsibility. The Ministry of Railways said in another request for every one of the offices gave in trains, train Supritendend the duties of the TS. As indicated by the new request under the Maintenance Division of the activity to be the arrangement of Delhi Rajdhani Express prepares have been actualized. Full control in the hands of the train director As indicated by the request of the Ministry of Railways prepare every one of the components present in the train director chairman will be capable to work. Train on the railroad staff and outside organizations will answer to the director Suprwayjr train. Full control of the installed train administrations will be in the hands of the director. TS and ATS clear division of work The two authorities will be liable to the train director and will enhance train administrations. TS and ATS identified with the working of railroad zones have been requested that elucidate the division. Ts’ number will be relegated to every mentor went specifically to their grievances Relyatri. The framework is as of now under the Ministry of Railways Maintenance Division the greater part of the Delhi Rajdhani Express prepares have forced. Delhi

Mission Rftar: Diesel trains rather than electric trains is bringing rapid railroad

Diesel motors of trains on Indian Railways will soon supplant electronic pace trains running on the tracks going off. The point is to build speed Railroads has begun the activity for little diesel motors supplant electric MEMU train courses have started to take off. The point is to expand train rate of 25 km for every hour and is to lessen diesel contamination from spreading. Railroad authorities said the electric motor will eliminate the expense of the fuel, on the grounds that the force is less expensive. Mission speed The activity ‘at Mission’ is a piece of the declaration in the spending this year, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu said. The mission in the following 5 years to twofold the normal pace of cargo trains at a pace of 25 kilometers for every hour and is non-rural trains. Presently, non-rural trains normal velocity of 46.3 kilometers for each hour, while the pace of the trucks is 24.2 kph. is a company involve in Train Food Delivery service since 2014 and going successfully for further serving fresh and hygienic food in train. Our aim is to deliver tasty and delicious food directly to the traveller seat. Everyone can book orders online

Maglev train in the nation for three remote organizations full delicate

Maglev trains for the global tender opened three foreign companies have applied so far. Two Americans and a Japanese company in these companies. The global tender deadline is September 6th. Ministry of Railways is thrilled with the response so far. The ministry says the maglev train in the country will be able to meet the growing demand of railway and transport will lead to faster growth among all cities. Maglev trains for Indian Railways has invited global tenders for expression of interest. In terms of maglev it is made up of two words. The magnetic strength of the magnetic Leviteshn air lift and walk to the train. Leviteshn magnetic train through the Ministry of Railways to run PPP or public-private partnership through a maglev train system are planned. Technology partners will be the Ministry of Railways Railway Board said that the biggest reason behind the interest in this technology is that the new technology has come. As the super-conductivity is technically mastered, so is easy to run maglev train. Ministry of Railways said that the maglev train system in the country will Dwlp, he will partner the Ministry of Railways Technology. Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi-Chandigarh route operations Also, a

Fast prepare Telgo effective in trials, in any case, question get in progress in India

Spanish Talgo train Railway Ministry is satisfied with the trial so far, but the board says that Talgo train in the current format can not be played at all. According to the width of the track is not the coaches. Also skeptical even about the fact that in terms of speed Talgo will live up after hitting the ground or not. Ministry of Railways said that he single-party rule is not to give an order without a tender. So, even if that happens, we will have to conform to the requirements tender open to all companies. Recently, it seems there is no need. 150 km / h speed will Trial Talgo train Gulati way the ministry is killing him right here is to get direct indication that Talgo fair trial despite the government’s decision Titk. The reason is that the deficiencies have been counted today, Railway Board, he knew about them before the trial of Talgo. Talgo such an uphill task in the near future seems to be running on the track. The Railway Board said Talgo train between Delhi and Mumbai on August 14 will be the last trial. Talgo train on August 14 at the maximum speed of

Not Mumbai, Delhi will be whatever is left of the Spanish train Telgo Trial

The Ministry of Railways has changed the dates of the trials of the Spanish Talgo train. As indicated by the service of the staying three trials Talgo between Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi will be begun. Speed ​​will increment in the following trial The main trial on August 1 has been. Overwhelming precipitation and flooding in the way the Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi’s first trial case could be made between. The trial over the Ministry of Railways is Sntusht. Second trial on August 5 in the connection velocity of 130 kilometers for each hour will be between New Delhi and Mumbai Central. Delhi-Mumbai between third trial on August 9 at paces of 140 kilometers for every hour will be between Mumbai Central and New Delhi. On August 12 last trial Delhi, Mumbai, August 12, the fourth and last trial with a velocity of 150 kilometers for each hour will be. The separation amongst Delhi and Mumbai in the last trial 10 hours are anticipated to be finished in 36 minutes. In every trial, the electric motor will work to force Spanish train. Speed ​​will be hanging on winding tracks As per a high authority of the Ministry of Railways 795 spots in Delhi

Mughal Sarai railway station, the city’s name to Deen Dayal Upadhyay exercise

Varanasi and Mughal Sarai station contiguous the name of the name of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay The legislature has ventured up the procedure. The Union Home Ministry has kept in touch with the state government to agree to the solicitation. UP government looked for accord to rename Priest of State for Human Resource Development. Mahendra Nath Pandey about Aaj Tak told that on his drive subsequent to turning into a MP from Chandauli Union Home Ministry has looked for from the state government. Ideally the SP government will endorse this proposition. Home Ministry of Railways and quick activity Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey said the Ministry of Railways regarding changing the name of the Home Office in their letter, had asked for further procedures. Home Ministry sent a letter about this case is sought after. DR. Pandey UP government has spoke to the focal government on the proposition when he found a way to respect the sentiments of a huge number of individuals associated with Deen Dayal Upadhyay. Birth Centenary of Deen Dayal Upadhyay is being commended The BJP and the Center Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya’s Birth Centenary year of 2016 is being seen as the Year. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya’s 100th

Maglev Trains will run at a speed of 500 kmh after Bullet in India

After the bullet train moving towards Modi government has run a maglev train. Maglev trains for Indian Railways has invited global tenders for expression of interest. In terms of Maglev is made up of two words, the magnetic force of the magnetic Leviteshn lifted up into the air to drive train. Leviteshn magnetic train through the Ministry of Railways to run PPP or public-private partnership through a maglev train system are planned. The global tender deadline is September 6th. The government issued a tender A high official of the government railway Bangalore-Chennai, Hyderabad-Chennai, Delhi-Chandigarh and Nagpur-Mumbai is planning to run the maglev train. This maglev train Mdddenjr designing, building, commissioning, operation, running and maintenance of expressions of interest from companies around the world has been put out to tender. Maglev train system for the Ministry of Railways has invited the tender, according to the Government of India will land required for the project and related to the company elevated track, designing, designing and Dimantreshn maglev train system will bear the responsibility themselves. With a speed of 500 km will be run The train speed of 400 kilometers to 500 kilometers per hour, will be run on. Maglev train in select

Train between Delhi-Mumbai August Telgo on Trial

Between Mathura and Palwal 180 kilometers per hour after a successful trial of the Spanish Talgo train between Mumbai Central and New Delhi in August 1 the trial. Railway Board official said New Delhi-Mumbai Central railway station between the first trial run of the train with a speed of 130 kilometers per hour is. On August 3, the second trial run between Mumbai Central-New Delhi with a speed of 130 kilometers per hour only. But on August 5 this train between New Delhi and Mumbai, the third and final trial run at speeds of 150 kilometers per hour will be. Simultaneously, the Talgo train schedule was released. August 3 trial timetable Will run from Mumbai Central: morning 3 am Borivali to stop: 3: 30-3: 32 Virar will pass through: 3:50 Pass from Valsad: 4:58 Stops in case: 5: 33-5: 38 Will halt at Vadodara: 6: 48-6: 58 Will pass through Godhra: 7:44 Stops in Ratlam: 9: 29-9: 32 Nagdha will pass through 10 am Kota Stops: lunch 12: 05-12: 10 Mathura will be passing: 3:30 Passes from Palwal: Evening 4:21 New Delhi, he said: 5 pm August 5 trial schedule New Delhi will: Night 7:55 Passes from Palwal: Night 8:29

2016 Important Updates for Train Travelers

All the trains and the tracks leading to the shrine Discharge shall be free. All the trains on these routes will be putting Bio toilet. The excrement will not fall on the track. In this connection today Manmduri first green corridor that runs between Rameswaram and would put all TRAINS New Green Toilet. About 114 kilometers of the route that ran across all TRAINS New Bio toilet felt. Around 10 passenger trains on this route, which runs nearly 286 coaches will get this feature. Following this route Okha – Knalas Vanshjalia about 141 km from Porbandar, about 34 kilometers along the nearly 78-km route from Jammu to Katra Bio toilet be engaged, which will be held in 1110 Bio toilet pigeon hole. The first stage is to try to train religious site in the routes followed by the rest of the facility is to be taxed at the root. For this route food delivery in train Facility is also available for train Passenger right  at their seat you can book your meal online using a website call 08824088088   देश के धार्मिक स्थल को जाने वाली सभी ट्रेनों और पटरियों डीस्चार्ज फ्री होंगी। इन रुटों की तरफ जाने वाली सभी

Rail budget 2016-17 updates

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu presented budget for 2016-17 detailed the projects that he wished to undertake in the next financial year. In this budget minister not announced a hike in either freight fares or passenger. Prabhu said that the largest employer of public sector in India, money rises through monetizing assets.  The minister has announced 4 new trains services specifically at people from lower-income background and evolve new methods of revenue generated. While presented budget the minister announced new trains named as Humsafar, Tejas, Uday Express and Antyodaya Express. ‘The Humsafar’: This train will be fully air-conditioned third AC service with an optional service for meals. ‘The Tejas Express’: It is hinting at semi –high speed trains, operating at speeds of 130 kmph and above and offer onboard services i.e. entertainment, local cuisine, Wi-Fi, etc.,  through one service provider while ensuring accountability and maintain customer satisfaction. Prabhu said that ‘Tejas’ will be ‘future of train travel in India’. ‘The UDAY Express’: Prabhu said that UDAY Express is overnight double-decker. This train is basically Utkrisht Double Decker Air Conditioned Yatri Express will be introduced on the busiest routes, with an increased carrying capacity of almost 40%. ‘The Antyodaya Express’: Antyodaya is