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Train between Delhi-Mumbai August Telgo on Trial

Between Mathura and Palwal 180 kilometers per hour after a successful trial of the Spanish Talgo train between Mumbai Central and New Delhi in August 1 the trial. Railway Board official said New Delhi-Mumbai Central railway station between the first trial run of the train with a speed of 130 kilometers per hour is. On August 3, the second trial run between Mumbai Central-New Delhi with a speed of 130 kilometers per hour only. But on August 5 this train between New Delhi and Mumbai, the third and final trial run at speeds of 150 kilometers per hour will be. Simultaneously, the Talgo train schedule was released. August 3 trial timetable Will run from Mumbai Central: morning 3 am Borivali to stop: 3: 30-3: 32 Virar will pass through: 3:50 Pass from Valsad: 4:58 Stops in case: 5: 33-5: 38 Will halt at Vadodara: 6: 48-6: 58 Will pass through Godhra: 7:44 Stops in Ratlam: 9: 29-9: 32 Nagdha will pass through 10 am Kota Stops: lunch 12: 05-12: 10 Mathura will be passing: 3:30 Passes from Palwal: Evening 4:21 New Delhi, he said: 5 pm August 5 trial schedule New Delhi will: Night 7:55 Passes from Palwal: Night 8:29