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Indian Railways made our life easier in 2015 #YearEnder

In year 2015, the Railway Ministry of India dispatched different plans and programs with a target to change the Indian railroads. This year, some important things happened, beginning from January with the dispatch of the first CNG train of India to Google and Japan putting billions in Indian railroads. Rundown of huge things that happened in Indian Railways in 2015: 1. CNG Train: On January 14, 2015, Indian Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu propelled the first CNG train which kept running from Rewari to Rohtak. The administration has been wanting to make a movement to CNG trains to lessen diesel utilization in India. 2. Nourishment cooking service: IRCTC dispatched an e-providing Food in Train for the travelers. The service is station based and is called ‘Nourishment on Track’. The administration was at first accessible in 45 stations the nation over, stretching out to 1,516 trains. 3. Vikalp Scheme: Indian Railways propelled a plan which permitted the hold up recorded travelers an affirmed settlement in the following option train on the same course, November 1 onwards. 4. Double Decker Train: India’s first ventilated, double decker train, Shatabdi Express kept running from Mumbai to Goa. double decker trains work in West Bengal and